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5 Natural Carpet Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


Harmful chemicals aren’t always necessary when it comes to carpet cleaning and stain removal.

As experienced carpet cleaning professionals, Perth Carpet Cleaning has worked on carpets of all types and conditions. Here to give you a few tricks of the trade, discover our top five natural carpet cleaning hacks for fresher and cleaner carpets without nasty chemicals.


Regular Vacuuming

Don’t underestimate the power of regular vacuuming when it comes to carpet cleaning. You can keep deeply embedded dirt and dust to a minimum, allowing you to effectively lift off stains with less interference and resistance from dirty carpet fibres.

If you’ve noticed a carpet stain, try cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner on regular intervals. You may find that the stain slowly fades away thanks to the vacuum cleaner picking up dry particles as they emerge to the surface.


Stain Removal Solutions

A number of natural solutions tend to do the trick when it comes to ridding carpets of different stains. If you’re looking for a quick DIY solution that you can whip up at home, mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water into a spray bottle. Then, spray your stained carpet with the solution and pat it with a towel to begin lifting the stain off.


Steam Cleaning

Mix equal parts vinegar and water to your steam cleaner, adding a few drops of essential oils for a more pleasant smell. Then, spot steam clean affected areas to work the vinegar solution into your stained carpet. Vinegar works wonders for stains and, combined with the heat of a steam cleaner, tends to effectively lift and remove stains from carpets.


Using an Iron

Your iron isn’t just for keeping your clothes looking fresh; it can also be carefully used to remove stains on carpets!

If you’re giving the iron method a try, start by vacuuming your carpet to pick up any dry particles and dirt around the stain. Dampen a towel with a solution made of one part of vinegar and two parts of water. Place the damp towel over your stained area and use an iron to heat up the towel. As the iron swoops over the towel, you should find that your stain slowly starts to lift up and absorb into the towel itself. Continue ironing until you’ve lifted as much of the stain as possible.


Baking Soda

Create a DIY carpet deodoriser to keep your carpets smelling fresh. Add 10-20 drops of an essential oil, preferably something floral or fruity, with around 450g of baking soda in a glass container. Mix it up well so the oil becomes completely absorbed. When it’s time to deodorise, just shake some of your baking soda mixture onto your carpet, let it sink in for around five minutes then give it a vacuum.

You’ll have fresher smelling carpets in minutes.


Tackling Serious Water and Flood Damage

For more serious water and flood damage and tough stains, we recommend enlisting the help of professional carpet cleaners to avoid irreversible damage to your carpets.

Specialising in emergency flooding in Perth, Perth Carpet Cleaning provides a range of expert flood damage and general carpet cleaning services for clients across industries. We come prepared with the necessary tools, products and equipment to quickly and effectively dry and clean flood damaged carpets.

Find out more about carpet cleaning and emergency flooding carpet solutions in Perth. Contact us today on 1300 368 022.