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Why you have to get your carpets professionally cleaned after flood damage

Dirty Carpet with Dog

Want to avoid mould and foul odours after a flood in your home? Then hire a professional carpet cleaner because even a small flood can lead to structural damage, which can be extremely costly to fix. The only way to have your carpet properly restored is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. To learn more about why water damage restoration services are essential after a flood in your home, keep reading.

How bad is the damage?

The first step is to assess the damage to your flooded carpet. There are three types of water damage after flooding which relate directly to the source of the flood. The first category is damage caused by broken pipes, overflowing sinks or faulty appliance connections such as water leaking from a water supply line connected to a washing machine. While this water damage is a nuisance, the clean-up involved will not be too hazardous. The second category of water damage is caused by greywater. This water can cause sickness and can be discharged from a dishwasher or a washing machine. This type of flood can create unsightly stains in your carpet which can only be removed by a professional. The third category is damage caused by water which carries pathogenic agents which has a severe health risk to people and must also be cleaned by trusted professional carpet cleaners. This ‘blackwater’ is caused by sewage or river or seawater and is grossly unsanitary. All of these types of flooding must be cleaned by a professional as they don’t only have the right equipment, but they also have the knowledge and experience to make your flooded carpets pristine. 

Water damage restoration services

These services include repairing the damaged carpet, removing stains and ensuring the carpet is completely dry. Perth Carpet Cleaning will eliminate your worries by properly drying, sanitising and repairing your carpets so you can breathe freely in your home. This will remove stains which look visually unappealing and can also be extremely unsanitary. 

 How professional carpet cleaning can help 

Having your carpets professionally cleaned prevents further damage caused by mould. This is because carpet cleaners completely dry the area to avoid any trapped moisture as dampness creates an ideal environment for mould and mildew, which is highly unsanitary and causes an awful smell. This can also ruin your floors underneath the carpet and cause structural damage. Damp carpet can also damage furniture, as water or moisture present on the bottom of wooden furniture can cause rotting. 

Why choose Perth Carpet Cleaning?

There are so many reasons to use a professional carpet cleaning service after a flood. So why not use the best carpet cleaning Perth company? Perth Carpet Cleaning has just under one decade of experience and is known for their excellent cleaning services. If you would like to learn more about the best carpet cleaning service in WA, then contact them today on 1300 368 022,  email them at or simply click on the link

What to do in a carpet flood emergency!

Flooded Carpet Cleaning

It can feel very overwhelming if you come home and find your home has flooded, especially when you have a flooded carpet. Perth Carpet Cleaning want to take away your stress and give you an easy guide on how to remedy this situation, in case it ever happens to you. Keep reading to learn how to make your carpet as good as new after a flood.

Have you found yourself in a flooded carpet emergency? 

Whether it is a small flood from a washing machine or a significant flood from a leaking roof or flash flooding, Perth Carpet Cleaning is here to help you. It is essential to contact carpet cleaners immediately as they will restore your flooded carpet and stop excess damage from being caused. The sooner you call, the less damage there will be. 

Where is the water is coming from? 

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the water is coming from: is it storm damage; from burst pipes; a broken dishwasher; or a hole in the roof? Then, you need to turn off the water source if this is possible and remove everything, including all the furniture from the room or wherever you think the water has gone, to ensure nothing else gets damaged. 

Act Quickly! 

It is crucial that you act quickly as the quicker you can either contain the water or stop the water from getting into furniture or the walls, the less damage there will be. If water does get into the walls or furniture, it can create a damp environment which is perfect for the growth of mould. Not only does this create a hassle, but mould can destroy materials, create an awful smell and most importantly cause a health hazard. Mould is one of the main reasons you must contact a professional carpet cleaning service because they have the right equipment to dry your flooded carpet completely. 

What if you need after-hours emergency assistance? 

Emergency flooding services can be hard to find, especially if it happens in the middle of the night. However, Perth Carpet Cleaning has your back as they are available to you 24/7. They care about their clients and understand that there is never a right time for a flooded carpet in your home and the sooner they can help you, the less damage there will be. Perth Carpet Cleaning have a trusted reputation because they care about their clients. 

Contact Perth Carpet Cleaning 

A flooded carpet can be a nightmare, but when you contact Perth Carpet Cleaning, they will look after the situation. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Perth Carpet Cleaning is your go-to contact for emergency flooding services. They care about reducing the damage to your home and ensuring your carpet is completely dry and sanitised after a flood. If you would like to learn more about how Perth Carpet Cleaning can help you then contact them today on ​1300 368 022, email them at or click on the link

6 tips for cleaning your fabric upholstery

upholstery cleaning

Is your fabric couch in dire need of a clean but you’re not sure what products or methods to use? Then keep reading to learn about how to freshen it up without damaging the fabric and how upholstery cleaning experts from Perth Carpet Cleaning can help you. 

Check the instructions 

The first thing you should do is check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and see what they suggest. It is important you follow these instructions because if you don’t you could void warranties or damage the couch. 

Vacuum often 

If you are someone who loves to hang out on the couch, entertain a lot in the living room or let your pets on the sofa, then you should vacuum your furniture often to keep it fresh. Dirt can also be damaging to your couch as it wears away fibres. If your vacuum has an upholstery attachment, use it as it is not as harsh on the couch as the regular floor attachment. 

Spot removal 

If you are removing a dirt spot or oil spot, make sure to use a fabric cleaner which you have already tried on an inconspicuous area of the couch, such as where the fabric wraps underneath the couch. This is a good idea as it can avoid mishaps. 

Be gentle 

The reason you are cleaning your couch is to make it feel clean and look good. However, if you use harsh brushes and scrub the fabric, you might damage the fabric. If you are cleaning a stain this way, this can push the stain further into the fibres of the couch and make it harder to remove. Ensure you always use very soft brushes or microfibre clothes and work gently on the couch.

Use water sparingly

When working with fabrics, it is always best to use water sparingly. This is because if the couch stays damp after cleaning, mildew and mould can grow, which is hazardous for health and creates a foul odour. Less is more with water and instead of going straight in with water, try specially formulated solvent spot removers first as these can be more effective. 

Understanding upholstery labels 

Another handy trick is to check if the upholstery has any labels. These can usually be found beneath a cushion or on the underside of the furniture. These labels have letters on them which mean different things: ‘W’ means you can clean this material with water; ‘S’ means do not clean this with water (a special solvent-based cleaner may be a good choice instead); ‘WS’ means you can use water or a solvent-based cleaner on this fabric; ‘X’ means the couch can only be vacuumed and must be professionally deep cleaned. 

Perth Carpet Cleaning

While there are various ways to spot clean your couch yourself, nothing beats a professional clean by the upholstery cleaning Perth experts, Perth Carpet Cleaning. Hiring a professional to clean your furniture takes all the guesswork out of cleaning and assures you that the upholstery will be cleaned properly. Get in touch with Perth Carpet Cleaning today on ​1300 368 022, email them at or just click the link

9 Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips: Up Your Carpet Cleaning Game

expert carpet cleaning tips

Do all carpets need the same amount of upkeep? No, it varies. Read on more to find out the perfect technique to keep your carpets in a pristine state for a longer duration!

Steps to Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Your carpets boost the ambiance of your space. Carpet maintenance is hard, but when not done properly can lead to an expensive re-purchase of a carpet. To increase your carpet life and preserve its condition from unexpected accidents, drops, dirt, dust and spills; employ the following cleaning tips on a regular basis. And remember, always blot, NEVER RUB!

Carpet Cleaning Expert Tips:

  1. The club soda – If your carpet is stained with beer or wine, blot the stained area with club soda. If the stain remains after blotting, spray a mixture of one-part vinegar and one- part water onto the stain and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes, after which, blot the stain with a clean sponge. Ensure that the spot is cleaned with warm water after the stain removal, followed by drying.
  2. Un-grease with dishwasher detergent – Mix few drops of dishwashing liquid with a glass of water and spray it onto the stain, followed by blotting.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide to the rescue – If you have blood on your carpets due to a minor cut, wash up the blood stain with few drops of mild detergent mixed with water, which will get some blood of the surface. For a thorough cleaning, expose the blood stain to hydrogen peroxide and dab it away.
  4. Go organic on pet accidents – Choose organic cleaning ingredients while cleaning pet accidents on carpets.
  5. Ice cubes for stuck chewing gum – Remove chewing gum stuck on carpet by exposing it to a couple of ice cubes for less than a minute and see the gum peel off easy peasy!
  6. Scrape candy off, scrape it off – If your house is a candy land, ensure that candy is immediately removed from your carpets. Apply a mixture of mild soap and water to clean the area of any remaining sugary particles.
  7. Heat the wax away – If your candle has dripped wax onto your carpet, cover the wax with paper or a white cloth and iron it for 30 seconds and the wax will come right off!
  8. Ordinary shaving cream against any stain – shaving cream to the stain and let it rest for approximately half an hour or till the shaving cream has dried up, after which you can blot away the stain with a clean cloth. Clean the spot with one-part vinegar and one-part water after stain removal followed by drying.
  9. Deep clean regularly – Deep cleaning of the carpets ensures removal of any unwanted particles and debris that may have stuck on even after vacuuming. Ensure that you get the carpets cleaned at least once every six months.


Why Carpet Cleaning Perth should be your first choice.

Do the following and you won’t have any major problems. If you’re too busy, call the experts at Perth Carpet Cleaning. The professional and friendly team at Perth Carpet Cleaning are proficient in the optimal ways to clean carpets, may it be in your home or commercial spaces. Unclean carpets can affect the health and well-being of you and your family, causing long-term illnesses which can be prevented with professional cleaning. Contact us today at 1300 368 022 or email us at to set up a carpet cleaning date! To find out more about our services, please visit Perth Carpet Cleaning today!

Is Your Carpet A Wonderful Addition or a Silent Killer?

How Unclean Carpets Impact Your Health…

Carpets! Apart from the aesthetics they bring to the room, their soft feel and easing the temperature variations and noise, they’re so much more. If a regular carpet cleaning and upkeep procedure is not executed, your carpet can act as a harbinger of diseases.

The germs that lurk beneath the lush yarns could do you and your family real harm. The old saying – What you don’t see, won’t harm you – isn’t true for your carpets, in fact it is the complete opposite! It is crucial for you to safeguard your lovely family from potential health hazards by getting your carpet cleaned professionally on a regular basis and who better to choose than Perth Carpet Cleaning?

Under that lushness of bright colours, warm feel and soft touch, lie a plethora of debris and organisms that can affect your overall well-being!

What Is Your Carpet Hiding From You?

Bugs – While you are sipping your morning coffee by the window, basking in the sunlight, there is a high probability of bugs flying into your home. Scientific research has proven that carpeted homes pose a higher probability of attracting bugs. Once trapped inside your home, these bugs are caught between the thin fibres of the carpet and often die.

Skin flakes – The skin flakes you shed everyday stick to the fibres of the carpet and attract dust mites, whose waste is another possibility of you catching an indoor allergy.

Germs – Carpeted areas are found to be a place where over a shocking percentage of germs can thrive. These germs can trigger allergies, upset your digestive tract, cause respiratory issues and skin infections.

Mould – A glass of wine and a slight uncoordinated hand gesture can make your carpet look like a crime scene! Carpets quickly soak the spilled liquid up and sink deep into its fibres and pad. When food or liquid remains in the thickets of the carpet for long, they become the base for mould growth. And with mould growth comes a disparate list of indoor allergies, unpleasant stench and stains that take away your carpet’s appeal!

Dirt – Dirt finds a way onto your carpet even through your shoes or through the open doors and windows of your home, but the one thing surer than dirt sticking to your carpet is the fact that dirt promotes the growth of mould, micro-organisms and bugs; which directly affects your health.

Animal waste – If you have a furry mate in your home, microscopic particles of dog poop/kitty litter make way to the fibres of your carpet, thus attracting bacteria, grit and odour into your comfort space. And even if you don’t have a furry mate, the outside environment can bring all these microscopic particles into your home when you walk in from a fun day at the park.

Handy Tips In An Emergency…

To prevent your home from becoming a cause for your health issues, make sure that you vacuum the carpeted areas at least twice a week. While most forms of debris are removed through normal vacuuming, deep steam carpet cleaning ensures removal of other particles from the fibres of the carpet. Other preventative measures that you could take up include

  1. Putting a doormat at the entrance

  2. Dusting your shoes before entering the house

  3. Removal of shoes while walking on carpet.

Don’t compromise your health

Don’t compromise your health! If you’re still having doubts about your carpet, call the Perth Carpet Cleaning experts! The professional and friendly team at Perth Carpet Cleaning are proficient in the optimal ways to clean different carpets. Unclean carpets can affect the health and well-being of you and your family, causing long-term illnesses which can be prevented with professional cleaning. Contact us today at 1300 368 022 or email us at to set up a carpet cleaning date! To find out more about our services, please visit Perth Carpet Cleaning today!

DIY Tips To Keep Your Carpet Smelling Better Than EVER!


Have a pet? An old carpet? A random stain from years ago that constantly smells?! All of the above? Amp up the ambiance of your home by keeping your carpet maintained, smelling fresh AND looking pristine with Perth Carpet Cleaning!

If your carpet is prone to stains, there is a significant chance that there might be some particles still present in the carpet fibres that may cause odour to emanate from your carpet, even if you have dutifully cleaned the stain. That is why you need to use a carpet cleaner or deodorising products to get rid of that odour that may push your carpet condition from mere good, to excellent.


DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips For Home

Deodorizing with vinegar:

YES – Vinegar! It goes great with carpets as well as chips! Spray vinegar on your carpet and let it sit until the vinegar completely dries off. The reason why vinegar tops the list is because it is a natural deodorizing ingredient that is odourless once it dries off. Vinegar also has odour absorbing properties, which eliminate any other odour that may be lingering in your carpet. (Also great for the kitchen sink drain!)


Deodorize with Baking-soda:

Mix half a cup of baking soda and borax with one teaspoon of cinnamon. Dust your carpet with this mixture and let it sit for around half an hour, after which you can vacuum clean the carpet. Voila! You have a clean and fresh, earthy smelling carpet!


Deodorize carpets with vodka:

Did someone say vodka?! Vodka can be used to get rid of foul odour as it can remove stain and exterminate bacterial compounds. Especially in cases of pet urine, clean the stain and spray vodka on the cleaned area. After 15 minutes, remove the moisture by gently pressing paper napkins to the wet surface. Proceed to vacuum clean your carpet and your carpet is restored!


Preventive cleaning is crucial to avoid odour-emanating carpets, these methods include:

Proper ventilation 

Open up the windows and doors to let fresh air come in. Proper ventilation allows air to escape, thereby not trapping foul smell inside a space.


To attain a perfect living space, it is important to deal with the humidity inside the house. Eradicate the chance of growth of mould or mildew, as a result of humidity, by installing dehumidifiers.

Good old fashioned, regular cleaning 

The most important aspect of keeping a clean carpet and hence a clean environment is to clean regularly. Clean your floors with brooms and mops and vacuum your carpet at least once a week. Prevent dirt and debris from sticking to your carpet by vacuuming regularly. And if your carpet is stained, tend to it immediately before it seeps inside through the fibres. And after the stain is properly treated and removed, use a carpet cleaner and deodorizer to eradicate any residual odour.


Still In Need Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Intervention?

Keeping your carpet looking good and smelling better is easy with the above-mentioned easy-to-do tips. But if you are still not happy with the outcome you have achieved, call Perth Carpet Cleaning today to get rid of that stain induced odour.

Our friendly, competent and helpful professional carpet cleaning team can advise you on the optimal ways to clean your carpets. Contact us today at 1300 368 022 or email us at to get a quote on your next project! To find out more about our carpet cleaning, maintenance, stain removal and upkeep services, please visit Perth Carpet Cleaning today!

6 Easiest Carpets To Clean


In a perfect world, you could buy carpets that are aesthetically pleasing based on the colour and style that reflects your personality, home or office space without giving a second thought about its upkeep. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and hence need to give considerable thought when buying carpets.

Like every other investment in life, carpets also offer the best value for money (if it is of the greatest quality). But to keep it up to spec, professional carpet cleaners are a MUST!


Quick Tips:

  1. Check for the bulked continuous filament (BCF) in carpets as the bulky strands of fibre last longer and do not get fuzzy after minimal usage.
  2. Check for the density of the fibres. The fibres should be dense enough that when you bend it, the backing is not visible. Such high-density carpets are usually “stain-resistant” as it can repel dirt, particles and stains due to the density of the fibres.
  3. Other carpets share the stain-resistance factor when they are treated with special chemicals, that repel stains during the manufacturing process.


The different types of easy-to-maintain carpets available on the market are:

Berber Carpets

  • Easy to clean
  • Tough build
  • Usually dark in colour, thus making dirt less visible
  • Treated with stain-resistant solutions
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Durable and economical
  • Ideal for high traffic areas and work buildings



  • Strongest type of carpet
  • Excellent resistance to soiling, staining, abrasion, insects, molding, and mildew
  • Static free
  • One of easiest to clean
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Bi-yearly professional carpet cleaning will restore their appearance
  • Ideal for residential or commercial purposes



  • Has a luxurious feel
  • Synthetic, oil-based material and thus stain and water resistant
  • Durable against abrasions
  • Polyester Recycled Carpet fibre is non-allergenic & is environment-friendly
  • Require nominal care
  • Inexpensive



  • Oil-based and thus resistant to common stains
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Resist abrasion, mildew, and moisture resistant
  • Prone to matting, crushing, and scuffs
  • Ideal for commercial installations



  • Luxurious, comfortable and strong
  • Easy to clean
  • Has natural water repellent properties
  • Attracts less dirt
  • Expensive
  • Low resistance to sunlight



  • Man-made wool
  • Resists static electricity, moisture, mildew, fading, crushing, staining and sun damage
  • Offers the look and feel of wool at a fraction of the cost


To keep your carpet at its best, professional carpet cleaning is crucial!

  • Professional carpet cleaners with professional-grade equipment and cleaning agents can help keep the supreme appearance and condition of your carpets
  • Steam cleaning – The heat and high suction from steam cleaning will rid the carpet of any dirt in the deepest layers
  • Dry cleaning – Carpet cleaning using solvents and small amounts of moisture to treat stained areas requires professional expertise


Our friendly and helpful professional carpet cleaning team can advise you on the optimal cleaning techniques to maintain the appearance and health of your carpets to its prime. We are a proud WA owned and operated business offering reliable, effective and expert carpet and upholstery cleaning for residential and commercial clients across Perth. Contact us today at 1300 368 022 or email us at to get a quote on your next project!

Please visit our website specialising on professional carpet cleaning to find out more about our services.  

A Guide to Carpet Stain Removal

reliable carpet stain removal service

Our homes act as harbingers of comfort, and we try our best to keep it in optimal condition. But often, our carpets face the brunt of certain uncontrollable actions. Sometimes someone accidently spills over some wine, and at other times kids walk in with muddy shoes. Now, under such circumstances, we are left with a carpet stain and requires immediate cleaning. Even if you try your best to keep your carpet spruced up, something will always spring up on you. Thus, it is important to be adept in the crucial art that is carpet stain removal.


The Two Types of Carpet Staining Are:


Soiling happens when a residue of the carpet cleaner, used to remove the stain, is left on the carpet fibres. The residue becomes sticky on not being completely rinsed and blotted, thus attracting dirt and soil.



Wicking happens when the substance that was spilled soaks through the carpet into its backing and sometimes even the underpad. In this case, the substance stuck in the backing and/or underpad is reabsorbed by the carpet and makes it way to the carpet fibres. Wicking usually happens when the carpet has not completely been dried out after steam cleaning.


Now that you know what can affect your carpets, how can you prevent it from happening?
Treat spills immediately to prevent it from soaking deep into the carpet, thereby preventing the reappearance of stains. After this, lay down a stack of papers or a clean towel to draw up the left-over moisture in the carpet. Else, you can contact the best Carpet Steam Cleaning team in Perth to remove the stains and clean your carpets professionally. The high-grade, professional equipment used by our team will ensure that your carpets are clean and dry; thereby leaving no chance for wicking to occur.


DIY Tips on Removing Carpet Stains

  • Get rid of the coffee or tea stain on your carpet by pouring a bit of beer on top of the stain and rubbing it lightly.
  • Add 1 cup clear ammonia to 2 litres of warm water. Sponge the stains on the carpets with the solution. After the carpet has completely dried, repeat this procedure if the stains still exist.
  • Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons salt, ½ cup vinegar and 2 tablespoon borax and rub it lightly on the stain. Once the solution is dry, vacuum the carpet.
  • To remove a pen/grease/oil stain, mix milk with corn-starch to make a paste and apply it to the stain. Let it dry for a few hours and then brush off the residue, followed by vacuuming.

If these tips don’t work, our friendly and helpful professional carpet cleaning team can advise you on the optimal ways to clean your carpets. Contact us today at 1300 368 022 or email us at to get a quote on your next project! 


The Best Steam Cleaners In The Market 2019


Cleaning our homes and staying on top of its upkeep isn’t as easy as it is shown in those happy-looking TV commercials. Allergens, dirt and germs somehow find their way into your safe haven, even if you clean regularly. The culprits behind this are your little ones and furry friends, who bring in a plethora of grime, mud and pollen after a nice hour of playtime; and even adults with butterfingers who may end up spilling wine on your carpets.

Drying, cleaning and disinfecting your home surfaces with a steam cleaner is comparatively more efficient and requires minimal effort. Hence, buying a steam cleaner to add to your cleaning arsenal is one of the best decisions. But choosing the best steam cleaner in the market can be a tiring, confusing process. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of the best steam cleaners in 2019 that will help you choose your perfect cleaning partner! All available on Amazon.


SKG 1500W Hot Steam Mop Cleaner

SKG 1500W Hot Steam Mop Cleaner is great for carpets and floors as it dissolves stains, removes grime, and disinfects surfaces. Super easy to use, this steam cleaner comes with a steam control which allows you to choose the flow of steam. The snap-on carpet glider and 180-degree swivel head ensure that your surfaces are cleaned properly, including the nooks and crannies.


Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer is perfect for removing stains from carpets. The SpinScrub Brush System scrubs the carpet fibres from all angles thereby removing dirt and stains from the carpet effectively. It also comes with a stair tool, upholstery tool and a crevice tool that you may need for a heavy-duty cleaning session.


Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is an affordable stream cleaner with a triple-duty cleaning power. It removes stains, disinfects and deodorizes surfaces. The smart set digital steam control feature regulates the steam setting to low, medium or high depending upon the cleaning task.


McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC 1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is ideal for cleaning tough stains, spots and spills. A powerful jet nozzle ejects steam for 45 minutes continuously to remove dirt, grime and other particles from floor, tiles and other household surfaces. The steam lock switch regulates the steam activity, thus negating the need for you to continuously press a button. This steam cleaner beats the rest, as it comes with a set of 18 accessories, thus making it ideal to clean every surface.


Why Choose Perth Carpet Cleaning

Although there are many steam cleaners out there, Perth Carpet Cleaning offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service. If  you wish to have your carpet steam cleaned by professionals, our helpful carpet cleaning team can help you with the optimal ways to clean your carpets or have them steam cleaned. Contact us today on 1300 368 022 or email us at to get a quote on your next project!