6 Easiest Carpets To Clean...

A Guide to Carpet Stain Removal


The Best Steam Cleaners In The Market 2019

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

The Challenges of DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Why You Need Upholstery Cleaning In Perth

Buying new fabric furniture to update your home décor can be exciting, but that excitement can be short lived when your new piece of furniture gets a tough stain.
Flood Damaged Carpets

Why You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

Have you ever come home to find your carpets completely flooded? Whether from natural weather events or leaky pipes and appliances within the home, flooded carpets can result in serious damage to your property. Read more here.

Emergency Flood Carpet Cleaning Tips

Have you just returned home to soaking wet carpets? Whether due to burst pipes, faulty appliances or heavy rain and extreme weather events, water has the potential to cause serious damage to your carpets. While contacting a professional carpet cleaner is always recommended, there are some measures you can take in the meantime to reduce long-term damage to your carpets, furniture and belongings.

How to Prevent Mould Growth on Your Carpets

After you’ve experienced flooding or a leak, soaked carpets quickly become prone to developing mould if left damp for too long. Time is critical in these circumstances – and can mean the difference of a simple clean or a total replacement. Follow our four steps below to give your carpets the best chance to dry properly and avoid the growth of mould.

How to Fix Flood Damage in Perth

From burst pipes and leaky taps to storms and crazy wet weather, flooded carpets require fast attention to protect their quality and minimise damage. If you notice that your carpets are flooded, you need to act quickly to avoid mould and the spread of water from carpets to furniture and other areas of your property.