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Water Damage Restoration Services

Winter is coming.

And with it comes heavy rain, chilling wind and the opportunity to enjoy the warm comforts of your home. But what happens when your home gets flooded either due to heavy rains or a leakage? Flooded carpets are the trickiest and can not only be harmful for the health of your family but also the condition of your beloved home.

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we understand the importance of having a safe haven and are at your service to restore the immaculate carpets in your homes to their former glory. We believe in high-quality, efficient and quick service and that is exactly the kind of service you will receive at Perth Capet Cleaning.


What Are Water Damage Restoration Services?

The team at Perth Carpet Cleaning will check the condition of your washed down carpets and floors and construct a water damage restoration service plan around specific factors involving the upkeep of your carpets and floors. After the initial inspection, the team will use industry-quality equipment to extract water from the carpets. This is achieved by exposing the flooded carpets to the strong airflow of high-quality specialized drying equipment, which will help in drying the carpet. However, in order to extract the remaining moisture from the carpet, the Perth Carpet Cleaning team will have to employ air movers and dehumidifiers.

Once the carpets are thoroughly dried up, they need to be sanitized. Non-sanitized carpets can be the harbinger of air-borne diseases, threatening the health of you and your loved ones. Mold and mildew can grow in wet carpets and hence flooded carpets need to be sanitized to ensure hygienic living conditions. The hygienic sanitization step implemented by the Perth Carpet Cleaning team ensures that bacteria, mold and mildew are properly removed from the carpet; elimination of odor; removal of moisture through proper ventilation; and lastly, the hygienic steam cleaning of affected areas. By implementing proper ventilation in your home and hygienic sanitization of the carpet, your carpet will be restored to an excellent condition.


When Will You Need It?

Flooded carpets need to be treated professionally as not only will the drying of carpets take a long time but the longer the carpet remains wet, the higher the risk of the carpet being infected with mold and mildew, thus endangering the sanitary condition of your home. We, at Perth Carpet Cleaning, ensure that your carpets receive the best treatment and are restored to their former clean and hygienic state.

Specialized in implementing high-quality and effective carpet cleaning services throughout Perth, Perth Carpet Cleaning offers 24/7 water damage restoration service. We know the importance of having a safe space and our team will warrant excellent conditions of your carpet.


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