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Just like your carpets and furniture, mattresses require thorough cleaning too. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, our professional team specialises in the comprehensive and effective cleaning of mattresses of all sizes. Offering professional mattress cleaning services, we enhance the longevity, quality and cleanliness of your mattress for a better and healthier night’s sleep.

For many people, mattress cleaning seems like a foreign concept. Most people don’t bother having their mattresses cleaned, resulting in the build up of dirt, dust and dust mites.

Why Bother With Mattress Cleaning?

We all know that our sleep is linked to our productivity and performance. We regularly take steps to achieve better sleep, like drinking warm drinks and tea, switching off from technology, meditating and relaxing. While all of these things help us sleep better, you could be ignoring one of the most effective and obvious sleep solutions.

Over time, dust mites, dirt, oils and dead skin build up on your mattress. Dust mites often end up feeding on dried skin particles, affecting the quality of your sleep and your overall sleeping pattern. Pollutants can irritate the skin, causing skin reactions and flare ups for eczema and asthma sufferers. Dirty mattresses are not only unhygienic, they also impact your sleep and your overall health.

While stains on your carpets and dirty furniture indicates time for a clean, it can be hard to know when to clean your mattress. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we recommend regularly cleaning the mattresses in your home once or twice a year. We offer professional mattress cleaning services to ensure that you sleep longer, healthier and better in a more hygienic and cared-for environment.

Cleaning Your Mattress

Confused about what it takes to clean your mattress? Perth Carpet Cleaning is here to help. We offer a variety of high quality mattress cleaning services that focus on thoroughly sanitising and deep cleaning your entire mattress, including mattress covers.

Before we begin on any cleaning procedures, we inspect your mattresses to identify areas to focus on and to decide on the right products and techniques to use. As each mattress has unique wear, we personalise all mattress cleaning services according to your requirements. Following an in-depth inspection, our professionals decide on the most effective and efficient cleaning solutions and techniques. We then get to work, eliminating harmful pests, bacteria and dirt to leave your mattress looking and feeling fresh, clean and healthy.

Eliminate dead skin, dust mites, dirt, oils, grease and dust from your mattresses. With our effective mattress cleaning services, we help to prolong the life of your mattress. Get a better night’s sleep in a cleaner, safer, healthier and more hygienic environment with mattress cleaning from Perth’s professionals.

The Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

Find out what Perth Carpet Cleaning’s mattress cleaning services can do for a better night’s sleep and a healthier mattress.

  • Powerful solutions to deter dust mites;Utilising gentle yet effective cleaning solutions and products, we’re able to apply protective solutions to your mattress to minimise the likelihood of dust mites for as long as possible.
  • Better night’s sleep; A cleaner and healthier mattress means less irritants and allergens causing inflammation and discomfort. Following a mattress clean, you’ll experience a better night’s sleep and notice the difference.
  • Reduced pollutants and allergens; It’s no secret that dirt, dust, oils and dead skin build up as we sleep. With regular mattress cleaning, you’re able to reduce the build up of pollutants and allergens that cause irritation both in bed and when you’re awake.
  • Prolongs the life of your mattress; Did you know that mattress cleaning prolongs the life of your mattress? By regularly cleaning, you remove stress, strain and build up from your mattress to allow for a fresher, healthier and more hygienic surface to sleep on.
  • Removes dead skin; As we sleep, dead skin falls off our bodies and ends up becoming a food source for harmful dust mites, mould and germs. By keeping your mattress clean with regular cleaning services, you can reduce the amount of dead skin and minimise the chance of unhygienic and harmful consequences.
  • Eliminates dust mites; Dust mites are known to trigger asthmatic symptoms, headaches and skin conditions containing a toxic enzyme causing allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Dust mites also excrete double their body weight each day, multiplying the amount of dirt and harmful substances on your mattress. By removing dust mites from your mattress, you protect yourself and your family against damage from dust mites.
  • Lifts stains; In addition to total mattress cleaning, we’re also able to offer spot cleaning services to lift stubborn stains and dirt off your mattress. This means a fresher, cleaner and more hygienic mattress for a better night’s sleep.

Organise Your Mattress Cleaning

When was the last time you had your mattress cleaned? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to book in for a professional mattress cleaning service in Perth.

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we offer specialised mattress cleaning services to eliminate bacteria and restore a cleaner, healthier and safer mattress free of dirt, germs, oils, dead skin and dust mites.

Sleep well and get a healthier night’s sleep with help from our professionals.

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