Consider this before trying a carpet stain removal product!

Carpet Stain Removal

Have you recently bought a new carpet, and red wine has spilt on it, or your dog has had an accident on it, and you’re not sure how to remove the stain? Then keep reading this post to learn more about carpet stain removal. 

Different stains, different methods 

Firstly, it is essential to understand that different carpet stains can react differently to cleaning methods and products. This means that not all stains will react in the same way to a cleaning product. The best way to understand what product will work best with your stain is to do some research or even contact professionals if it is a substantial stain. 

The wrong products could do more harm than good 

Some products will actually make the stain worse than it already is. For example, hydrogen peroxide should only be used on stark white materials because it removes stains by bleaching. This means if the carpet is not white, then it may discolour it and make the situation worse. Ammonia is also commonly used to remove stains; however, it has a strong smell which can affect people and animals. Instead, try a less pungent cleaning agent for an eco-friendly carpet stain removal method. It is also important to always read the instructions and warnings on cleaning products before using them to avoid any mishaps. 

Patch Test 

One of the most important steps to take when trying to remove a stain is to patch test the cleaning product on an inconspicuous spot of the carpet first. A great sport to test is under a large piece of furniture, or if you can access underneath the carpet, then this is even better. This prevents any other issues with the cleaning product and gives you peace of mind knowing you have a stain remover which works well on your carpet. 

Blot, don’t scrub 

When cleaning up a stain caused by a liquid, make sure you blot with an ink-free paper towel or a white cloth until dry. Do not scrub as it could spread the stain. A scrubbing motion will also push the stain deeper into the carpet fibres which makes it more difficult to remove.

Call in a professional 

There are some stains which cannot be removed by household cleaning products and can only be removed by a professional. This is when you call a trusted cleaning service, such as Perth Carpet Cleaning. They take away the stress and hassle by using their knowledge and professional equipment to get the job done and make carpet stain removal simple.

Why choose Perth Carpet Cleaning? 

If you do need help with a stain, then contact Perth Carpet Cleaning as their knowledge and efficiency puts your carpet in safe hands. They offer a range of services, including commercial carpet cleaning and emergency flood cleaning. If you would like to find out more about Perth Carpet Cleaning and how they can help you then contact them today on ​1300 368 022, email them at  ​ or click the link

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