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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth You Can Trust

In Perth’s busy commercial CBD, the quality of your carpets play a pivotal role in branding and employee health as well as how your percieved by clients. When you’re on the lookout for a reliable commercial carpet cleaning services in Perth with a strong history of delivering exceptional quality and unmatched results, our reputation is our business. As one of Perth’s most esteemed commercial carpet cleaners, our credibility stems from years of dedicated service and a relentless commitment to excellence.

Our Perth Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Every carpet has it’s own journey and each stain has a story, and we’ve perfected the art of reading it. Our holistic cleaning process & approach includes:

  • Pre-Cleaning Vacuum: Sweeping away the superficial dirt sets the stage.
  • Pre-Spray Phase: This prelude ensures the main act – the cleaning – is more effective.
  • Specialised Stain Treatment: No stain is too stubborn for our advanced techniques.
  • Orbital Scrubber Intervention: Ensuring deep-seated dirt and grime are effectively dislodged.
  • Tailored Dry/Steam Cleaning: Our choice here depends on the carpet’s story – its type and condition.
  • Signature Deodorising: We seal the deal with a fresh, invigorating fragrance.

Our commercial carpet cleaning process take between around 20 minutes per room depending on the size of the room. The aftermath? A brief drying span of 3-4 hours, shaped by room size and weather.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Perth

  • Extended Carpet Lifespan: With our expert touch, your commercial carpets live a longer, cleaner life.
  • Stellar First Impressions: Clean carpets subtly elevate your brand image, impressing everyone who steps in.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: Our thorough cleaning eradicates the unseen – the germs lurking in carpet fibers.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our clarity extends to pricing, with costs ranging from $45-$65 per room with a minimum foundational charge of $110.

Our Service Guarantee

Our commitment transcends only cleaning. We aim to be Perth commercial carpet cleaning go-to business. Echoing our environmental responsibility, we integrate eco-friendly solutions seamlessly into our commercial carpet cleaning services. From corporate hubs to cozy eateries, we are the go-to for a multitude of businesses for commercial carpet cleaning.

About Us

Perth Carpet Cleaning isn’t just a service – it’s a tradition of excellence. Our rooted presence in Perth has afforded us an intuitive grasp of its commercial nuances. Having honed our craft over the years, every member of our dedicated team brings hands-on experience supplemented by rigorous industry training.

Each commercial space tells its story, be it a medical facility’s sterile needs, a spa’s tranquil ambiance, or a bustling office’s dynamic demands. Recognising this, we don’t peddle generic solutions. We listen, understand, and then tailor our services, ensuring every carpet gets the personalised care it truly deserves.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning FAQs

  • How do we structure our pricing?

    Typically, prices fluctuate between $45-$65 based on room dimensions, with a base fee of $110. Examples: 1 room from $110.00, 2 rooms from $110.00, and 3 rooms for $135.00.

  • Do we offer post-business hours services?

    Certainly, especially for flood emergencies. Be informed there's a $320.00 surcharge for such special services.

Get in Touch

Your search for reliable and affordable office carpet cleaning in Perth ends here. With Perth Carpet Cleaning, experience unparalleled expertise combined with an unwavering commitment to quality. For queries and bookings, call us at 1300 557 659.

What We Do

Our professional carpet cleaning team provides a variety of exceptional commercial carpet cleaning services which are tailored to your requirements. We understand the needs of commercial clients, so we offer realistic and achievable solutions to keep your carpets maintained.

We specialise in providing:

  • One-off and scheduled deep steam carpet cleaning
  • Comprehensive upholstery cleaning
  • Stain removal services
  • Expert recommendations on carpet treatments for minimising stains
  • Advice on simple maintenance which prolongs carpet life
commercial carpet cleaning
commercial carpet cleaning

Deep Cleaning and Deodorising

Although your carpets may look clean, germs, dirt, and stains are always hidden within the fibres. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we offer deep cleaning and carpet deodorising services to fully remove dirt and stains from the carpet fibres.

Our deodorising services eliminate lingering odours and smells, replacing them with a fresh, subtle scent for a pleasant working environment. Following our deep clean and deodorise service, you will notice a more vibrant and younger-looking carpet.

Experienced and Specialised Cleaners

Our specialised cleaners provide fast and effective carpet cleaning services, which will help you to easily impress visiting clients. For your peace of mind, all of our cleaners have a police clearance to ensure the safety of your business, staff, and guests. We ensure that each of our team members maintains high levels of training, so that they exceed our own strict service standards and also your expectations.

commercial carpet cleaning

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