Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Homeowners know that cleaning tile and grout can be a very time consuming and difficult job which is often spent cleaning on your hands and knees. Perth Carpet Cleaning are experts when it comes to tile and grout cleaning in Perth, and once you have used our services you will never want to clean them yourself again.

Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Your floor looks new: Our cleaning professionals will be using special cleaners to get rid of the dirt that has piled up over time. You will have a shining tiled floor in no time.
  • Elimination of mould and bacteria: Mould and bacteria can often be found in dirty tiles and grout. With our services, the microscopic organisms will be eliminated and you will get a clean and hygienic surface.
  • Improvement of the appearance of your home: Getting a professional to clean and rinse all the tile and grout will ensure that your home has a fresh and new appearance.
  • Tile and grout are not damaged: If you make an effort to clean the tiles yourself, you will need to use a variety of cleaning products. This gets complicated because different floors need different cleaners. Our fully trained technicians know which cleaners to use, and their assistance will save you unnecessary trouble and effort.
  • Intense Cleaning: Even if you spend loads of money on various cleaners, you will never get the exact result that professional cleaning can give you. Our cleaning process uses special cleaners and scrubbing techniques to clean intensely, so all the dirt from the deepest nooks disappears.
  • Life of tile and grout extended:  Having a professional clean your tiles and grout ensures that you will not only have damage-free floors but also their life will be extended.
  • Time and cost effective: Most homeowners hesitate to employ professionals because they think it will be too costly. What they don’t realise is that if they do all the work themselves they will waste time due to their lack of experience, and they will spend quite a lot on equipment and cleaning products anyway.

Why Perth Carpet Cleaning?

We are specialists in both tile cleaning in Perth and grout cleaning in Perth. If you hire us, you get the following key benefits:


Worth the Investment

Your tiles and grout will look clean and fresh again, a result that you can only get with professional equipment and chemicals.


Thoroughly Trained

Our fully trained technicians will arrive at the arranged time and work at a rapid pace, without compromising on the quality of their work.


Professional Touch

We will make sure that your tiles and grout are thoroughly cleaned and look as good as new. Thanks to our advanced extraction system, which has high-pressure water and rotary action, it has never been so easy to have clean tiles and grout in your home.


Work in Different Areas

Our team are not only specialists in cleaning tiles and grout, we also offer a range of other services, including cleaning carpets, upholstery and flood damage restoration, and mattress cleaning.


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