Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning in Perth

Did you accidentally leave the bath tap on, or have you come home to find a burst pipe resulting in water damaged carpet? The team at Perth Carpet Cleaning understands the frustrations of discovering a flood in your home, and we can help you recover your water damaged carpet floors.

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Reliable Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services

As water damaged carpet experts in Perth, our local team specialises in completely drying and restoring carpets after water or flood damage. Why don’t you check out our top tips for managing flooded carpets and spaces? In the meantime, when you have carpet water damage, you can’t leave the situation for too long. You need a reliable, local carpet water damage service that you can count on to have a quick response time to ensure your water damaged carpet can return to normal.

Treat Water Damaged Carpets With Care 

Treating water damaged carpets involves thorough and specialised service that is local, professional and experienced. Professional equipment and machinery will usually be required to fully clean and dry your carpets. Should you drop some water all over the carpet, you can likely sort that out yourself… however, carpet water damage such as leaving the bath on and overflowing, to broken taps, burst pipes or other more serious carpet water damage should be inspected by a professional. 

Whilst you think it may dry, and all be ok, this is not always the case! In a lot of cases you will find mold in carpet from water damage. If you’re wondering how to clean mold in carpet from water damage? If you suspect that there’s mold in your carpet from water damage you should contact us straight away! We can send our experienced team out to assess the situation and provide you with the best professional and transparent answer to get your carpet back to how it should be, clean!

Perth Flood Damage Restoration Specialists 

The team at Perth Carpet Cleaning offers effective flood damage restoration services in Perth, and we work quickly to restore your flooded carpets! The longer it’s left, the worse the problem becomes. Restoring flood damaged carpets is our passion and we take pride in our efficient and effective process to return your carpet to great condition.

Our Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning Process

Over the last decade and beyond, we have crafted a specific, proven and effective water damaged carpet cleaning process. Our team begins by extracting the water with purpose-built equipment and applying browning treatments to prevent stains. Then the condition of your floors is inspected by lifting up the corners of your carpets. This gives the team a clear idea of what your carpets and floors need. Once the carpets are treated, we place drying equipment – such as air movers or dehumidifiers – in specified areas to completely dry your floor.

In order to ensure the most effective result, Perth Carpet Cleaning checks the progress of your floors on a regular basis. Once your floors are dry, your carpet and underlay can then be relayed. To complete the process, a steam clean and deodorising service is provided to ensure that your carpets are totally dried, cleaned, and sanitised.

To get your water damaged carpet restored to near-new, contact us today!

Professional Perth Water Damage Carpet Cleaners

Water and flood damage can quickly ruin your carpets, but don’t worry, Perth Carpet Cleaning is here to help. We are committed to offering Perth’s most responsive and effective services, so we can assist you as quickly as possible. Our team are all fully IICRC trained and specialised technicians, and they hold current police clearances for your peace of mind. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all professional carpet cleaning services.

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