And when to call carpet cleaning experts

Nothing risks the integrity of your home quite like water damage. Coming home to discover a flood has taken over your living space can be incredibly distressing, with everything from carpets to personal items at risk of ruin. 

Whether it was caused by an internal leak or external groundwater, a flood has the ability to seep under doorways and into every nook and cranny of the home. In order to save the treasured flooring in your home, it’s imperative to carry out immediate flood damage carpet cleaning.

While intensive floodwater often makes it simply impossible to save carpets, due to toxic elements in the water and the likelihood of mould, acting fast and executing a few key steps significantly increases the likelihood of restoring your beloved carpeting to its original glory.

Tackling emergency flood damage 

The absolute first step in flood damage remediation is locating the source of the water flow and turning it off. If this is an internal issue – i.e. there is a leak occurring within the house – it may be possible to turn off the water mains yourself to stop the input of water.

In cases where you either cannot find the source of the leak or are unable to turn off the mains yourself, call a plumber to come as soon as possible, to prevent the flood damage from worsening. Should the issue be an external flood, alert the local authorities to come and rectify the problem.

As well as cutting off the water supply, it’s vital to unplug and remove any electrical devices, ensuring the wall switch is turned off first. Should the water level be high, it may be best to turn off the electrical mains also to avoid potential harm or threats of fire.

Key steps to save your carpets from flood damage

Tackling flood damage carpet cleaning can be tough at the best of times, so if you’re unable to get professional help at that moment, it’s best to break the process into steps. Once these immediate steps have been taken, you can turn your attention to your beloved carpets. 

  • Clear out as much water as possible, using buckets, mops, towels, etc.
  • Place any moveable furniture and other items outside to dry (weather permitting).
  • Lift up the carpets, roll them up, and carry them elsewhere to reopen and begin to dry.
  • Open the windows and turn on fans, and use a dehumidifier if you have one.
  • As well as your carpets, it’s important to treat water-damaged walls as soon as possible, to prevent mould from forming.

When to call in the experts

Saving carpets from flood damage requires immediate care, professional disinfectant, and intensive drying techniques to prevent mould. Unless it was a minor leak at play, with minimal damage incurred, it’s recommended to call in expert carpet cleaners with niche knowledge of emergency flood damage repair.

Call the professionals as soon as possible, and strive to remove all water from the carpets. Key tools for effective flood damage remediation are professional-grade disinfectant, deodoriser, and anti-mould products, typically not found in neighbourhood stores, to remove unwanted bacteria, microbes, and smells. 

Carpet cleaning experts will also have industrial equipment that can help your carpets dry out much faster than normal, increasing the likelihood of them making a full recovery. Make sure no one walks on the carpets for ideally 48 hours.

Professional flood damage carpet cleaning

Perth Carpet Cleaning is a leading provider of professional carpet cleaning, drying, and restoration, helping our fellow WA citizens get back on their feet after an unfortunate flood. 

Using specialist equipment for water removal and fast-drying, as well as proven care products for anti-browning and mould removal, our highly trained team, are experts at working quickly and efficiently to save your carpets. 

Contact us today to make a booking, or to discuss any emergency flood damage carpet cleaning requirements now. 

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