Have you just returned home to soaking wet carpets? Whether due to burst pipes, faulty appliances or heavy rain and extreme weather events, water has the potential to cause serious damage to your carpets.

While contacting a professional carpet cleaner is always recommended, there are some measures you can take in the meantime to reduce long-term damage to your carpets, furniture and belongings.


Homes are filled with electricity. From wiring in walls to power cords and electrical appliances, electricity and water can be a dangerous and deadly mix. Before you enter an area impacted by flooding, make sure that your power is shut off completely. If you suspect mould, dirty water or sewage contamination – particularly from burst pipes or faulty plumbing – wear protective clothing like eye goggles and a face mask to minimise exposure.

Immediate Action

If you notice that your carpets are drenched, your belongings and furniture are also at risk of becoming damaged – especially upholstery and fabric goods. As water seeps and spreads quickly, removing your furniture and items off of your carpet can prevent damage extending across to your other possessions.

Also, by removing items off the wet carpet, you’re able to air out and dry the area more effectively. Open windows and doors, add fans and increase ventilation in the space to allow carpets to dry quicker.

Mould and Mildew

Wet carpets are a breeding ground for mould and mildew. If you suspect or identify mould, mildew, spores or fungi while your carpet is wet or when it’s dry, make sure to use a special and targeted cleaning solution. A cleaner will be able to eliminate all dangerous organisms to keep your household and pets safe.

We recommend turning to a professional to ensure that the job is completed comprehensively and with precision.

Major Water Damage

If not dealt with quickly, water and flooding can take weeks to fully evaporate. Moisture can cause significant damage to wood and walls in just days, resulting in decay, splitting and weakening. While ventilation and dehumidifiers can speed up drying, it’s always best to turn to an expert to avoid significant water damage and the health risks that go with it. Equipped with the equipment and products to restore safety, a professional takes the stress out of soaked carpets.

Emergency Carpet Flood Damage Help in Perth

Carpets are soft, luxurious and comfortable; making them a must-have flooring solution for bedrooms and living spaces. Cosy and gentle on feet, carpets are made up of a variety of soft fibres – that also happen to be very absorbent. If you’ve discovered flooding or excessive water on your carpets, act fast to minimise damage and to restore quality.

Specialising in emergency flooding in Perth, the team at Perth Carpet Cleaning provides responsive and effective carpet dryingsanitising and restoration services for a wide range of carpet types and fibres.

Don’t let floods be the end of your carpets. For carpet flood damage services in Perth, contact us today.

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