A great carpet can uplift a room, adding warmth and a softer sound to the entire house. However, a dirty carpet or rug has the opposite effect, making the space feel uninviting and grimey.

Regular carpet cleaning in Perth is essential to not only keeping your carpets looking and smelling great but removing harmful dust and dirt particles that can cause illness and allergic reactions.

Read on to learn all about cleaning care for different types of fabric flooring, from wall-to-wall carpets to large area rugs, and why professional carpet maintenance in Perth is a fantastic long-term investment

Fabric types and materials

The most suitable carpet cleaning services needed depend on the fabric, pile, and texture of the carpet in question.

Cut pile

This is the more common of the two types of carpet piles typically found in residential properties. Cut pile means the fibres are free at the end, creating a soft, shaggy look in styles like cable, frieze, and textured. Weekly vacuuming is recommended to remove dirt – try going over it twice.

Loop pile

As loop pile carpets have no loose fibres they’re typically more durable but harder to clean – the tighter the loop the more regularly they should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. Professional steam cleans are the most effective way to remove stains and dust from all types of loop pile including cut and loop, Berber, and patterned loops. 

Types of carpet fabrics and how to clean them:

  • Polyester – while synthetic, this is a durable material that can be cleaned using standard synthetic carpet cleaners
  • Nylon – stains easily; apply warm water immediately and consider added protection against staining
  • Wool – as a sensitive material wool should not be scrubbed; simply blot wool carpets when stained using water and vinegar
  • Sisal – avoid water or scrubbing with natural-fibre sisal carpets, instead regularly vacuuming and blotting up spills
  • Blend – a complex material to clean, blended material carpets can handle gentle soap on stains but stains can be stubborn without expert help

Tips for reliable carpet maintenance in Perth

Vacuum twice – regular household vacuums lack power, so going over each area twice while carrying out your weekly vacuuming can make a difference.

Use a carpet pad – a soft under-layer for your carpets makes it easier to remove dirt when vacuuming, as well as protecting the floor underneath and increasing insulation.

No shoes – having a no-shoe rule prevents collected dirt from outside from being pressed into your carpets.

Clean stains straightaway – The longer a stain sits on the carpet the harder it is to remove. As various stain types require different approaches for removal it can be helpful to get expert help with stain removal carpet cleaning in Perth.

Regular deep cleans – Acquire professional carpet cleaning in Perth at least once a year, where professional steam cleaning equipment lifts dirt and debris clean from your carpets, prolonging their lifespan and visual appeal.

Professional carpet cleaning services in Perth

Perth Carpet Cleaning is an expert provider of efficient carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Highly trained staff utilise heavy-duty tools to carry out thorough, professional carpet cleaning in Perth with every job.

Get in touch to book expert services for professional carpet cleaning in Perth today, from mattress and upholstery cleaning to tile and grout cleaning.


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