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From pet accidents on your bedroom carpet to tripping and spilling wine or coffee, we all know how inconvenient stains can be. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we make stain removal simple. Our professionals specialise in the fast and effective removal of a variety of stains and odours, restoring your carpet to its former condition and minimising the stress associated with carpet cleaning.

Life isn’t perfect – and stains happen. When they do, call Perth Carpet Cleaning for fast, affordable and effective stain removal services you can count on.

Removing Tough Stains and Odours

As Perth’s carpet cleaning professionals, we specialise in removing everything from pet stains and odours to coffee and wine stains. Utilising purpose-built equipment and cleaning products, we work fast to lift and eliminate stains from carpets of all colours and styles.

Boasting years of experience in stain removal, we know the ins and outs of a variety of stains. Understanding the delicate balance and combination of stain and carpet types, we’re able to utilise the right products to achieve the best results.

To us, stain removal is a formula and we pride ourselves on our expertise in getting it right.

Our Expertise

While carpet provides us with a luscious and soft floor covering, it isn’t so great when it comes to stains. Luckily, our professionals specialise in lifting and eliminating stains embedded deep in your carpet fibres.

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we make getting rid of stains a breeze. We offer expert stain removal services to lift a wide range of stubborn and tough stains and odours around your home. Whether it’s drops of blood from a paper cut to spilled ink from a pen, we’ve got you covered.

As with all carpet stains, results vary depending on age, size, depth and nature of stains. Your cleaner will provide you with an accurate indication on what to expect following your cleaning service.

Coffee Stains

For most of us, a cup of coffee in the morning is a ritual. But, what happens when you’re half asleep and accidentally knock over your coffee mug or trip over a table leg? Coffee stains can penetrate deep into carpet fibres quickly, resulting in an embedded stain requiring expert removal services.

Even after responsive spot treatments, coffee can leave a yellow or brown stain that looks both unhygienic and unflattering on your light or dark coloured carpets. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we work fast to lift and eliminate even the toughest coffee stains from your home. Enjoy your cup of coffee in peace knowing that – should you ever need it – stain removal is just a call away.

Pet Stains

Our pets are part of our families, but accidents do happen and training can sometimes take a while. From hairballs and vomiting in cats to toilet training dogs and puppies, indoor accidents and pet stains can leave carpets looking dirty and unhygienic.

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we utilise the best carpet shampoo for pet stains to eliminate any residue or odour left by your pet’s unfortunate accident. To quickly and effectively remove pet stains from your carpets, simply call our responsive team.

Wine Stains

Perhaps one of the most obvious and inconvenient liquids to spill, red wine can leave instant and damaging stains to your carpet regardless of its colour. While once an almost permanent stain, wine stains can now be lifted with advanced cleaning solutions and expert methods.

Don’t let a wine spill ruin your event or get together. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we take care of wine stains quickly. Whether it’s just a splash from pouring a glass to half a bottle being knocked over, we’re able to use our powerful cleaning products and methods to lift and remove wine stains of all sizes.

Blood Stains

Blood stains aren’t so easy to spot clean quickly. As a result of an injury or a cut, your first response isn’t to consider your carpet – and rightly so. Whether you’ve received a pesky paper cut or a family member has cut themselves on a piece of glass, blood can quickly find its way onto your carpet.

Once you’ve restored safety and comfort to the people in your home, you can then start thinking about cleaning up. If you find that some blood has dropped onto your carpets, we recommend spot cleaning as quickly as possible. Following a spot clean, it’s a good idea to contact the team at Perth Carpet Cleaning to book your stain removal services and minimise the chance of a deeper and stubborn stain.

Ink Stains

Whether it’s a pen that’s leaked through a handbag to spilling a pot of ink onto the floor, ink stains are always stubborn and inconvenient. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, our professionals specialise in providing fast and effective ink stain removal services.

With a range of carpet shampoo and cleaning solutions designed to lift ink from your the fibres of your carpet, we’re able to remove stubborn ink stains and blotches fast.​

Get Started on Your Carpet Cleaning

Don’t let stains ruin your carpets. From spilled wine and coffee to pet stains and drops of blood, stains can work their way deep into carpet fibres if left untreated. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our responsive and effective stain removal services. We use specialised cleaning solutions and methods to gently lift and remove stains from a variety of carpet styles. Call us!

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