There’s nothing worse than mould and mildew growing on your carpets. Made of absorbent fibres, your carpets can disguise and carry mould caused by excessive moisture damage and flooding. If you’re a victim of flooding, leaks or spills, prevent mould and mildew by acting fast.

Four Steps to Mould-Free Carpets

After you’ve experienced flooding or a leak, soaked carpets quickly become prone to developing mould if left damp for too long. Time is critical in these circumstances – and can mean the difference of a simple clean or a total replacement. Follow our four steps below to give your carpets the best chance to dry properly and avoid the growth of mould.

Eliminate Moisture

Mould can only exist in areas where there is enough moisture. If your carpets are flooded or damp, it’s important to eliminate moisture as best you can. Begin by finding and stopping the source of the moisture or by blocking the area from additional dampness. If you have a wet vacuum on hand, you may be able to suck out a majority of moisture from your carpets. If not, it’s best to contact a professional to quickly remove moisture for you.

Remove Furniture

Moisture can seep in under furniture and objects, making it hard to fully dry without the removal of furniture. If you leave furniture in areas with soaked carpets, it’s likely that mould will develop and you may end up needing a carpet – and furniture – replacement. Check the furniture and fixtures of your space for moisture impact and remove as many items as you can. Items with some moisture damage may be able to be saved while severely damaged items might be best disposed of.

Add Ventilation

Key to drying and sanitising a flooded carpet area is adding ventilation and airflow. Good ventilation will allow the carpets to dry faster as well as eliminating odours and moisture from the room. Open windows and doors, turn on fans and even bring in floor fans pointed at the carpets to speed up the drying process.

Seek Expert Help

While there are some measures you can take to clean and dry your own carpets, it can be easy to overlook the severity and damage of your floors. Even after drying, cleaning and deodorising, there may be leftover moisture that turns into mildew and mould. If you notice moisture from a leak or flood on your carpets, contact flood restoration and carpet cleaning professionals. Experts bring along specialised equipment and products to fully clean, dry and sanitise your carpets and restore them as best as possible.

Cleaning, Drying and Sanitising Flooded Carpets in Perth

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