There’s no two ways about it, cleaning tiles at home is a tedious process. Whether you have a DIY technique or are committed to intense scrubbing with bleach, it takes serious elbow grease to effectively remove dirt, mould, and stains from tile grout. 

Rather than spend your evenings painstakingly washing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush, it might be time to acquire the help of experts in tile and grout cleaning at Perth Carpet Cleaning. 

Learn more about what happens when you call in the authorities on professional cleaning – a sure-fire way to give wet, damp areas like your bathroom the comprehensive scouring they need.

What causes dirty-looking tiling?

It’s typical for the most-used rooms in the home to develop a buildup of dirt and grime, from oil on the kitchen splashback, to limescale and soap on bathroom tiles. Unclean grout is one of the toughest areas to clean, as hard water and mould stain those previously white spaces between your stylish tiling. 

As the grout sealant wears off over time, moisture seeps into the porous materials and allows the layers of shampoo and dirt to collect and develop into mildew and mould. Without regular cleaning, this fungi causes deep discolouration within the grout that requires tough stain removal.

Does DIY tile and grout cleaning work?

We all want to inject new life into our bathrooms with a tile upgrade, and intensive grout and tile cleaning can do just that. But is it possible to carry this out successfully with DIY stain removal?

Certain home remedies can have an effect but it’s hard work, and time consuming. A combination of water vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice has been stated as a method to clean grout on floor tiles. However, multiple repeats of working the mixture into the grout, letting it sit, rinsing it off, and starting again are typically required to achieve any results. 

When to harness the power of professional cleaning

With such busy daily lives, not many of us have the time to spend on our hands and knees scrubbing at entirely tiled floors, so put down that toothbrush and call on the reliable professionals at tile and grout cleaning.

Years of extensive stain removal experience and premium equipment have prepared the team at Perth Carpet Cleaning for a fast and effective process, removing bacteria and grime build-up from kitchens, showers, bathrooms, tiled hallways, and more, in no time. 

A combination of Intensive treatment solutions, high-pressure rinses, and follow-up sealant are used to transform your ceramic and stone tiles into gleaming surfaces that look like new.  

Benefits of calling in cleaning experts

The inevitable development of dirt, grime, and mould in those damp tiled rooms can be removed easily, thanks to professional bathroom cleaning techniques. Professional grout cleaning is cost-effective and time saving, where powerful equipment is used to remove bacteria with no damage, and a prolonged tile lifespan. 

Expert results from Perth Carpet Cleaning

With extensive experience in all arenas of nerve cleaning and stain removal, Perth carpet Cleaning are the reliable, timely team needed to transform your home

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