Do all carpets need the same amount of upkeep? No, it varies. Read on more to find out the perfect technique to keep your carpets in a pristine state for a longer duration!

Steps to Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Your carpets boost the ambiance of your space. Carpet maintenance is hard, but when not done properly can lead to an expensive re-purchase of a carpet. To increase your carpet life and preserve its condition from unexpected accidents, drops, dirt, dust and spills; employ the following cleaning tips on a regular basis. And remember, always blot, NEVER RUB!

Carpet Cleaning Expert Tips

  1. The club soda – If your carpet is stained with beer or wine, blot the stained area with club soda. If the stain remains after blotting, spray a mixture of one-part vinegar and one- part water onto the stain and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes, after which, blot the stain with a clean sponge. Ensure that the spot is cleaned with warm water after the stain removal, followed by drying.
  2. Un-grease with dishwasher detergent – Mix few drops of dishwashing liquid with a glass of water and spray it onto the stain, followed by blotting.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide to the rescue – If you have blood on your carpets due to a minor cut, wash up the blood stain with few drops of mild detergent mixed with water, which will get some blood of the surface. For a thorough cleaning, expose the blood stain to hydrogen peroxide and dab it away.
  4. Go organic on pet accidents – Choose organic cleaning ingredients while cleaning pet accidents on carpets.
  5. Ice cubes for stuck chewing gum – Remove chewing gum stuck on carpet by exposing it to a couple of ice cubes for less than a minute and see the gum peel off easy peasy!
  6. Scrape candy off, scrape it off – If your house is a candy land, ensure that candy is immediately removed from your carpets. Apply a mixture of mild soap and water to clean the area of any remaining sugary particles.
  7. Heat the wax away – If your candle has dripped wax onto your carpet, cover the wax with paper or a white cloth and iron it for 30 seconds and the wax will come right off!
  8. Ordinary shaving cream against any stain – shaving cream to the stain and let it rest for approximately half an hour or till the shaving cream has dried up, after which you can blot away the stain with a clean cloth. Clean the spot with one-part vinegar and one-part water after stain removal followed by drying.
  9. Deep clean regularly – Deep cleaning of the carpets ensures removal of any unwanted particles and debris that may have stuck on even after vacuuming. Ensure that you get the carpets professionally cleaned at least once every six months.


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