Your home and office are your haven; the place where you spend most of your time.

You deserve having a safe and clean environment when it comes to your home and offices, and that’s where we come in. The carpets in your home and offices offer an aesthetic feel to the space and are healthier if maintained properly; it is also an investment. And we are here to take care of your investment.

Carpet Dry Cleaning vs Carpet Steam Cleaning

There are two prominent ways to clean your carpet – carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning. While both processes need a pre-vacuum to remove any soil or debris stuck on the carpet fibres, the main difference between carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning is the step that proceeds vacuuming.

In the case of carpet steam cleaning, our cleaners will bring in an industry-standard water extraction machine filled with hot water mixed with a minute percentage of detergent. The carpet is exposed to high-pressure water injection, after which the water along with the dirt, and other germs and bacteria is then extracted, thereby leaving your carpet looking new and fresh, clean, chemical-free, non-allergy inducive and affordable!

On the other hand, the dry-cleaning method requires pre-treatment of the carpet with the aid of chemical solvents to dissolve the residue in the carpet. After this, cotton absorbent pads, which can also act as carriers of dirt, are given a hot-water conditioning rise. These chemically-conditioned cotton pads are then attached to a rotary machine, which spins the cotton pads on a high speed leading to removal of dirt from the carpet onto the pads.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is ideal for people who love natural compared to toxic chemicals, and who have children and pets. Check out the benefits of carpet steam cleaning below:

  • Carpet steam cleaning ensures excellent health of you and your family by using hot water to eliminate dirt, water and oil borne soil and stains, pollutants and dust mites.
  • Carpets when exposed to hot water can effectively kill dust-mites, bacteria and germs, without the use of chemical by-products that can cause health issues, if exposed to regularly.
  • The carpet your loved ones and furry friends walk on are chemical-free, clean and germ-free with carpet steam cleaning, ensuring that their play-time will never harm them in the long run.
  • Not using chemicals to clean the carpet fibres, carpet steam cleaning ensures that neither you nor your loved ones will go through an allergic reaction.
  • Apart from the industry-standard, hot-water extraction machine, steam cleaning doesn’t require any costly, industrial facets, thus making it the most economical way to keep your carpets spick and span.

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All these factors make carpet steam cleaning a better process compared to dry cleaning. Now that we have zeroed in on the better process among the two processes, what are you waiting for? Call us today to get a quote! And we will come, clean your haven in a jiffy!

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