Beloved pets can make a house a home. Apart from some hair shedding and a few scratches on the door frame they’re pretty adorable, right? Well! It can be easy to forget how the many accidents left behind by your cat or dog impact your home, whether you have upholstered furniture or carpeted floors.

From vomit and faeces to dog and cat urine, the amount of odours and stains left by accidents or spillages tend to build up over time. Rather than let pet stains take over your home, allow regular professional carpet cleaning to restore your property to a fresh and clean space. 

Minimising damage when these situations occur is key, so read on to learn the many advantages of expert carpet cleaning for keeping your home hygienic and healthy.

When you might need carpet cleaning

Taking care of a pet has huge rewards; unconditional love and cuddles to name a few! However, owning a domestic animal also comes with lots of responsibility, and unfortunately cleaning up after their messes is a big one. 

The many stains and odours left by your pet’s adventures can include paw prints, mud and sand, food, vomit, as well as the worst offender – urine and faeces. Without correct treatment, an unpleasant odour will linger, which encourages your pet to repeat the offence in the same spot. 

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery protection are the best way to tackle these accidents, removing ugly stains and nasty smells from deep within the fabrics as opposed to just masking the odours.

DIY cleaning – does it work?

Spot cleaning or quick carpet cleaning in Perth might be sufficient for minor food stains or loose dirt, but it rarely works for pet odours and stains. This is because the potent smells seep into the fabrics, with remnants attracting the animal back to the same spot causing more hassle for worn-out pet owners.

Common carpet cleaning products may discolour your carpets, and ammonia-based cleaners only encourage cats in particular to urinate again in the same place. Choosin expert upholstery protection and fabric cleaning means accessing professional treatments and odour removers, with specialist urine treatments and thorough stain removal when utilised soon after the incident occured.

The benefits of professional upholstery cleaning

Unless you like to spend your evenings and weekends scrubbing carpets by hand, the advantages of professional carpet cleaning are greatly appealing. By making use of intensive cleaning techniques and powerful equipment, expert upholstery cleaning effectively removes pet odours and stains in a short amount of time, with minimal interruption to your daily schedule. 

Perth Carpet Cleaning are adept at powerful urine removal treatments and deodorizers, as well as both steam and dry carpet cleaning. Should serious stains have built up over a prolonged period of time, intensive methods can be applied including treating both sides of the carpet and relaying it back down. 

Expert carpet cleaning in Perth

Perth Carpet Cleaning has a great love of pets, which is why we’re so experienced at removing pet stains! Thorough carpet cleaning in Perth is carried out  by trained specialists, using premium equipment and tried-and-tested methods for a wide range of custom requirements.

Contact us today to discuss our pet accident cleaning services, or to book in a carpet and upholstery cleaning today.

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