Keeping your carpets in great condition is a fantastic way to not only have a home that looks and feels fresh, but stays that way for years to come. Each resident and visitor that enters your home brings dirt, grit, and dust with them, making an effective upkeep key to preventing stains, discolouration, and other damage. 

Regular professional carpet cleaning Perth is essential to maintaining beautiful carpets, but in between these bouts of expert steam cleaning it’s imperative to clean your carpets correctly. We all have a vacuum lying around, but is it doing the job right, and are you using it often enough?

How to clean your carpets at home

While most household vacuum cleaners do a decent job at removing dirt at a surface level, the reality is a vacuum with strong suction is needed to properly remove all dust and bacteria. 

Once you have an effective vacuum to hand, correct carpet cleaning Perth relies on two things – regular cleaning, done in a slow and considered fashion. Aim to clean your carpets twice a week, and move steadily across the space, giving time for dirt to be loosened from the fibres by the suction. 

The absolute best way to keep your carpets in great condition is to go over each space twice, aiming the vacuum in a different direction each time to clean another side of the fibres. Rather than wear down your carpets, this will help ensure all sharp, damaging pieces of grit are removed before wearing down the carpets’ material.

Valuable tips and tricks 

  • Install a mat inside each entryway to your home, where shoes can be wiped and cleaned of significant dirt particles. 
  • Go one step further and request all shoes be removed and placed on a shoe rack situated by the front and back doors. 
  • Longer shag carpets tend to have dirt deeper ingrained in its layers of fibres and require repeated goes with a vacuum each time. Consider placing rugs and carpets with a deep pile out of main foot traffic areas.
  • Regardless of carpet type, cleaning right away after a spill or dirt incident is the best way to ensure longevity.
  • Employ experts for professional carpet cleaning Perth at least twice a year – this thorough corrective clean will restore carpets to peak condition. 

Consider effective carpet and upholstery protection to prolong their lifespan.

When to use professional carpet cleaning Perth

With regular vacuuming – ideally twice a week – and immediate spot cleaning of any stains or spots of discoloration or dirt, it is recommended to acquire expert carpet cleaning services Perth every year, and every two years at a minimum.

Providing an intensive, corrective steam clean to your carpets works to significantly improve their quality and look in the long run. As well as yearly carpet cleaning Perth from a professional and experienced team, utilising carpet and fabric protection will work to enhance the effectiveness of vacuuming, and ensures it stays cleaner for longer by acting as a dirt barrier. 

Superior carpet cleaning services Perth

Allow the experts at Perth Carpet Cleaning to enhance your home through professional carpet cleaning and effective carpet protection. Using only quality, approved products, we can help prevent an accidental spill from completely ruining your beloved carpet.

For more information about our services for carpet cleaning Perth, or to book a transformative steam clean, get in touch today. 

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