Dealing with flood damage at your home or business is exhausting. From the visible degradation of your carpets to an awful musty smell, it’s one of those property problems that need an immediate fix.


Failing to acquire flood damage restoration in Perth as soon as possible almost guarantees permanent damage to your flooring.


Discover key tips for carpet water damage, and how professional services can save your carpets when DIY care isn’t enough. 

Dealing with flood damage in Perth


First things first – saving your carpets after flood damage requires immediate action. The carpet and its padding must be dry within 48 hours to prevent serious mould growth – the beginning of the end for your valuable carpet flooring. 


Expert flood damage carpet restoration is focused on minimising the main risk for carpets – mildew and mould. As well as creating an awful smell, mould can trigger asthma, infections, respiratory issues, and allergic reactions.

How to treat different carpets


Several essential steps should be adhered to any carpets immediately following a flood or water damage:


  • Find and stop the cause of the water flow
  • Call expert emergency help if the water source is toxic waste or sewage – all carpeting will need to be professionally removed and the area safely cleaned 
  • Standing water requires a pump to remove all liquid from the space. While you can buy or rent a pump, all-inclusive flood damage services from expert carpet cleaners are a better investment
  • If you spot mould or smell mildew it may be too late for DIY care; it’s highly recommended to call in professional help for effective carpet restoration 
  • Make sure to remove the filter when removing water with a wet/dry vacuum


Different types of carpet require alternative methods of treatment:


Loose carpeting – use a wet vac to extract all water, and try multiple fans to dry it as fast as possible


Loose carpeting with pads – Commercial blowers help dry carpet quickly when placed underneath. Base pads can be replaced if damaged, but it’s near impossible to reinstall stiff, shrunken, water-damaged carpeting


Glued down carpets – use a wet vac followed by commercial blowers on top, and open all windows to help speed up drying


Professionally installed carpet – carefully lift the carpet, avoiding nails, and remove the padding underneath (to be replaced late). Use a wet vac and commercial blower, and try an additional dehumidifier 

The importance of flood damage restoration in Perth


Immediate flood damage restoration in Perth is essential for saving your carpets, as deep cleaning has no effect on fabric already irreparably damaged by water. Benefits of professional carpet cleaning after flood damage includes:


  • Immediate care
  • Efficient restoration
  • Vital mould removal
  • Removal of harmful stagnant water
  • Furniture damage prevention
  • Save time and money by preventing irreparable damage

Expert flood damage carpet restoration at Perth Carpet Cleaning


As long-standing leading providers of efficient, professional carpet cleaning services, no one is more adept at preventing permanent flood damage than Perth Carpet Cleaning. Specialised experience, equipment, and training ensure effective water damage restoration, along with highly professional customer service.


Get in touch today for help with emergency flood damage in Perth, or to book a wide range of preventative and restorative carpet cleaning services. 

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