Getting a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of living a happy, productive life. As well as having a quality mattress installed for a comfortable snooze, it’s just as important to have clean bedding to ensure a healthy sleep every night.

Once you have learned the pitfalls of unclean mattresses, you’ll never want to return to ignoring your bedding again! Working with dedicated experts for a reliable mattress cleaning in Perth will reform your rest time, returning your bedding to its original clean state to provide a long lifespan, as well as a fantastic sleep! 

The following guide outlines the health benefits of cleaning your mattress, and why professional equipment is needed to fully clean this essential bed furnishing. 

What is mattress cleaning?

Anyone can have a go at cleaning their mattress, but the thick and sturdy design makes a thorough cleanse difficult. Professional mattress cleaning relies on a skilled approach, utilising industry-grade equipment with multiple cleaning steps to fully remove all impurities.

  • Expert mattress cleaning services first involve an intensive vacuum, removing any dust and dirt particles
  • Stains are treated, with robust stain removal product applied and left to soak
  • Thorough sanitisation is then carried out using industry approved equipment, where a hot water extraction method is carried out to fully remove any dirt remnants
  • Almost all moisture is also removed, leaving your mattress completely revived and ready to use within a few hours

The value of a clean mattress

Many of us are guilty of throwing clean sheets on our mattresses and calling it a day. However, the reality is the intensive daily use endured by your mattress means it is home to a multitude of dirt, oils, dead skin, and allergy triggers like dust mites.

Providing yourself with regular mattress cleaning Perth keeps your valued sleeping haven clean, safe, and allergy free. Ignoring the issue can lead to a buildup of bacteria and harmful organisms guaranteed to cause allergy flare-ups, as well as the risk of mould from attempting a DIY clean that leaves your mattress damp.

What are the benefits of quality mattress steam cleaning?

Professional mattress cleaning services offer many benefits. The leading one is improved health and improved overall wellbeing, thanks to a safe, comfortable, and allergy-free sleep each night.

One of the main risks of attempting to clean your mattress yourself is a prolonged drying time, leaving your bedding at risk of growing mould and other fungi as it sits there with damp materials. Expert steam cleaning removes the moisture as well as all dirt and allergens, leaving a fresh, dry mattress ready to be used typically within 2 hours or so.

Expert mattress cleaning services

Perth Carpet Cleaning are expert providers of quality mattress steam cleaning, guaranteeing an efficient process with the highest level of workmanship. A regular clean can heavily prolong the lifespan of your mattress, keeping germs, bacteria, and dust-mites at bay for months at a time. 

Professional mattress cleaning Perth

As long-standing leading providers of thorough upholstery and mattress cleaning services to the people of WA, Perth Carpet Cleaning are fully equipped to carry out intensive cleansing processes with remarkable results

By using proven cleaning techniques bolstered by the skills of each expert technician on our team, it’s possible to return your much-used mattress to its original condition, with long lasting results. Top quality equipment makes light work of your heavy mattress, thoroughly removing stains and allergens.

Contact us today to book professional mattress cleaning with Perth Carpet Cleaning, or for any queries about our proven methods and industry-grade equipment.

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