Cleaning couches and armchairs is often a chore that’s ignored until absolutely essential. Unless someone has spilled a glass of red wine on your new sofa, you’re likely to think that if it looks tidy, it’s clean enough!

The reality is somewhat different, with upholstered furniture a prime location for the build-up of dirt, germs, and bacteria. Regular professional couch cleaning Perth should become a core part of your cleaning routine – read on to discover why, and the benefits of consistently cleaning your sofa.

Causes of unclean upholstery 

Any piece of furniture that’s cloth upholstered is no doubt a comfortable place to sit, but unfortunately also tends to hide minute dust and dirt particles that are unhealthy for its user. The tight weave of fabric makes it easy for pet hairs, food remnants, sweat, airborne particles, and germs to get stuck and build up quickly over time. 

Prominent causes of dirty couches, armchairs, and rugs may surprise you. Rather than coming from food spills, a buildup of grime typically springs from minute dirt particles, sweat, pet hairs, and the growth of dust mites.

Long term use of unwashed upholstery furniture only serves to strengthen bacteria growth, so the longer you avoid professional upholstery cleaning Perth, the unhealthier your home becomes. Incorporating intensive cloth couch cleaning into your sanitation regime means you and your loved ones can enjoy the absolute comfort of your squishy sofa, with none of the health risks.

The hazards of unclean furniture

The amount of use your furniture gets directly correlates with how clean it is. While your sofa may look free of dirt or grime, it’s harbouring unhealthy bacteria that can trigger serious health conditions for the home’s residents. 

From triggering allergies and irritating respiratory issues to causing skin and gastrointestinal problems, the surprising amount of dirt in your couch can bring a lot of harm to a home. Accumulated dirt transforms into a serious irritant for humans, inflaming health conditions like asthma while attracting harmful bugs and parasites.

Professional upholstery cleaning Perth is the only sure-fire way to rid your beloved sofa from hidden germs, with upholstery steam cleaning techniques used to coax out small dirt fibres and particles of bacteria from within the fabric. 

Benefits of professional couch cleaning 

Whether you’re considering upholstery steam cleaning for regular intensive washing or to remove stubborn stains, professional fabric cleaning guarantees a sanitised seating space within your home. 

If you saw a build-up of dirt on your floor, you likely wouldn’t rest until it’s cleaned. Because the fine fibres of upholstery furniture effectively hides all grime and bacteria within, unclean upholstery can go unnoticed for far too long. The comfy exterior of your sofa can mask breeding zones for moth larvae, beetles, and dust mites, who create habitats within your furniture that thrive off the surrounding dirt particles. 

Professional cleaning services in Perth

Utilising the expertise of professional upholstery cleaners not only means saving ample time trying to scour your sofas, rugs, and mattresses yourself, it also ensures an incredibly thorough clean is carried out each and every time.

Upholstery cleaning Perth carried out by experts means an intensive steam clean is completed using a hot water method, removing grime, bugs, dead skin cells, and harmful dust particles that affect our health when released into the air.

Quality upholstery cleaning Perth

Create a safe home for you and your loved ones by getting regular help from experts in couch cleaning Perth. With a team of trained professionals, and a bevy of powerful cleaning techniques such as deep steam cleaning and intensive high-powered vacuuming, Perth Carpet Cleaning are the local upholstery cleaners you can rely on.

Get in touch now to discover how our impressive cloth couch cleaning techniques can benefit your home, or to book a premium cleaning service today.

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