If you’ve noticed a funky odour around the home, your carpets may be the culprit. Carpeted rooms are a cosy and inviting addition to any property, but without the proper care they can hold onto lingering smells. 

Old carpets or a busy household with animals and children can fall prey to long-lasting odours that seem impossible to eliminate. In order to prevent smoke or pet smells from taking over your house, it’s necessary to tackle carpet cleaning effectively.

Learn all about the common causes of smelly carpets, and how professional services from Perth Carpet Cleaning can transform your home into a fresh and welcoming space.

Common causes of stinky carpets

Poor-smelling carpets are a result of mould, stains, or uncleaned spillages, with closely knitted fibres trapping bad odours until they are properly cleaned. In order to prevent an unhygienic home, pay attention to warning signs like allergies, discolouration, and consistently damp carpets. These are key indicators mould is present, requiring expert carpet cleaning services to restore quality and cleanliness.

Typical causes of stinky carpets include:

  • Pet stains: those cute and fluffy animals can create terrible smells, with fur, vomit, urine, and faeces all adding bad-smelling stains to carpeted homes
  • Water spillage: wet carpets begin to smell when water mixes with the fibres, leading to foul-smelling mould 
  • Stains: food or liquid stains can lead to bacteria growth on carpets when left unchecked, along with a worsening smell
  • Mould and mildew: damp carpets are the ideal breeding ground for mould, whether from flooding or humidity. Mildew can cause discolouration, as well as allergy-related health problems.

Helpful tips, and when to call carpet cleaning experts

By acting fast – with the right tools and plenty of elbow grease – it is possible to clean carpets yourself. Just remember extensive mould or deep-rooted smells will require professional carpet cleaning services to achieve effective results. 

Depending on the cause of your bad-smelling carpets, different techniques are required. Light water spills, pet smells or smoke odours can be tackled with immediate scrubbing or applying baking soda before vacuuming it off. Severe stains and old smoke smells will require a professional carpet cleaner.

While DIY steam cleaners can make a dent in mould smells, they tend to leave behind excessive moisture, unlike expert equipment. This can exacerbate mildew within the damp materials, posing potential health risks for your family. 

The value of professional carpet cleaning services

Whether you have a beautifully covered bedroom floor or carpets throughout the house, expert carpet cleaning can revamp the look and smell of your home in no time. From spilled wine to pervading pet stains, the professionals at Perth Carpet Cleaning are adept at identifying the odour culprit and using expert techniques to remove it.

Powerful cleaning products and purpose-built equipment are efficiently put to use by trained experts, lifting stains and odours thoroughly with long-lasting results

Get a hygienic home with Perth Carpet Cleaning  

For thorough upholstery and carpet cleaning services, the specialists at Perth Carpet Cleaning offer restorative services for stubborn odour and stain removal.

Contact us today to book a professional clean, or for any queries about our effective steam carpet cleaning services.

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