From burst pipes to bad weather, emergency flood services cover all types of carpet flooding, soaking and water damage. No matter how much you prepare, you can never be 100% safe from flooding. As excessive water absorbs into carpet fibres, flooding can seriously ruin your carpets if action isn’t taken fast.

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we provide efficient and effective flood restoration services throughout Perth. Operating 24/7 on call, we’re able to restore safety, hygiene, quality and function to your carpets quickly.

Learn more about flood damage and what to do if your carpets become flooded.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

Any time your carpets become soaked or flooded with water, it’s an emergency. The top causes of carpet flooding are:

  • Leaked or burst pipes and plumbing
    • As pipes tend to be hidden, it may take a while for you to notice the damage. As soon as you suspect a leak, have a plumber in to fix it to minimise damage across your entire property.
  • Floods and bad weather
    • Storms, bad weather and heavy rains can wreak havoc for your carpets. If your home isn’t properly sealed or if windows and doors are left open, water has the potential to make its way into your home and become absorbed by your carpets.
  • Broken appliances
    • Many appliances are connected to water mains, including dishwashers, washing machines and fridges. As leaks are generally visible instantly, you should be able to see water seeping into your carpets from a broken appliance. But, if you’ve been out for the day or away for a while, damage may be quite severe and flooding may have occurred.

What Comes Next?

So, you’ve just found your carpets soaked or flooded. After removing sensitive belongings from the site, your first step is to contact a team available on call to tend to your carpets. If you neglect to have your carpets dealt with fast, water can seep deeper into your carpet fibres and cause irreversible damage.

Professional carpet flood restoration teams come fully equipped with the tools and equipment required to properly clean your carpets. They’re also able to inspect your carpets thoroughly to rule out any hidden water or dampness that could evolve into mould or other serious damage.

Why Choose a Professional for Flood Restoration?

Cleaning and drying your carpet is much more than soaking up water. Comprehensive cleaning, extracting, drying, sanitising and deodorising all go into fully restoring your carpets.

A complex and time sensitive process, it’s essential that you opt for the services of a professional. Coming fully prepared with a wide range of purpose-built equipment, tools and solutions, professionals are able to restore your carpets with precision and expertise. Emergency flood restoration teams understand the differences of unique carpet fibres and can tailor their services to best protect each specific type, utilising solutions and techniques for high quality results.

Professionals are also able to restore the appearance of your carpets while ensuring that fibres are comprehensively cleaned and sanitised.

Carpet Flood Damage Professionals in Perth

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