It can feel very overwhelming if you come home and find your home has flooded, especially when you have a flooded carpet. Perth Carpet Cleaning want to take away your stress and give you an easy guide on how to remedy this situation, in case it ever happens to you. Keep reading to learn how to make your carpet as good as new after a flood.

Have you found yourself in a flooded carpet emergency? 

Whether it is a small flood from a washing machine or a significant flood from a leaking roof or flash flooding, Perth Carpet Cleaning is here to help you. It is essential to contact carpet cleaners immediately as they will restore your flooded carpet and stop excess damage from being caused. The sooner you call, the less damage there will be.

Where is the water is coming from? 

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the water is coming from: is it storm damage; from burst pipes; a broken dishwasher; or a hole in the roof? Then, you need to turn off the water source if this is possible and remove everything, including all the furniture from the room or wherever you think the water has gone, to ensure nothing else gets damaged.

Act Quickly! 

It is crucial that you act quickly as the quicker you can either contain the water or stop the water from getting into furniture or the walls, the less damage there will be. If water does get into the walls or furniture, it can create a damp environment which is perfect for the growth of mould. Not only does this create a hassle, but mould can destroy materials, create an awful smell and most importantly cause a health hazard. Mould is one of the main reasons you must contact a professional carpet cleaning service because they have the right equipment to dry your flooded carpet completely.

What if you need after-hours emergency assistance? 

Emergency flooding services can be hard to find, especially if it happens in the middle of the night. However, Perth Carpet Cleaning has your back as they are available to you 24/7. They care about their clients and understand that there is never a right time for a flooded carpet in your home and the sooner they can help you, the less damage there will be. Perth Carpet Cleaning have a trusted reputation because they care about their clients.

Contact Perth Carpet Cleaning 

A flooded carpet can be a nightmare, but when you contact Perth Carpet Cleaning, they will look after the situation. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Perth Carpet Cleaning is your go-to contact for emergency flooding services. They care about reducing the damage to your home and ensuring your carpet is completely dry and sanitised after a flood. If you would like to learn more about how Perth Carpet Cleaning can help you then contact them today on ​1300 368 022, email them at or click on this link.

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