Have you ever come home to find your carpets completely flooded? Whether from natural weather events or leaky pipes and appliances within the home, flooded carpets can result in serious damage to your property.

In order to minimise damage and preserve the quality of your carpets, water damage restoration services are required. At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we provide responsive high quality water damage restoration services to quickly and effectively restore your carpets.

When Would I Need Water Damage Restoration Services?

From leaky pipes to heavy rain, carpets can become flooded in a number of different ways. Whether water is fresh from the tap or contaminated from pipes, all carpet flooding should be dealt with by a professional.

Repairing a Flooded Carpet

Flood restoration services are designed to provide fast and effective solutions for flooded carpets. Regardless of the type of water or liquid soaked up by the carpets, a carpet cleaning professional will come fully equipped to effectively assess and resolve the issue. While flooding can vary in severity, from simple drying to the need for total replacements, a professional will help you understand how to best move forward in drying, sanitising and repairing your flooded carpets.

Carpet Stain Removal Services

Water, flooding and spilled liquids can leave serious stains on carpet. Both visually unappealing and potentially unsanitary, removing carpet stains is important in maintaining the quality and look of your carpets.

As carpet cleaning professionals, we provide a variety of quality carpet stain removal services depending on the nature of your stains and your type of carpet. From stagnant water to dirt, oils and mud, we utilise specialised products and techniques to rid your carpet of stains as quickly and effectively as possible.

Preventing the Growth of Mould

Excessive moisture is a breeding ground for mould. Without proper drying and sanitation of carpets, mould and mildew can begin to appear under the surface. If your carpets are flooded, enhance the airflow and ventilation of your space to allow for moisture to dry up as quickly as possible. While ventilation and fanning will help your carpets appear and feel dry, they may not effectively rid the entire area of moisture.

If you attempt to dry your carpets without the help of a professional, you may fail to properly mitigate the risk of mould developing. A professional carpet cleaner employs specialised techniques to ensure that your carpets are not only dry but properly protected against the growth of mould.

Contact Perth’s Expert Carpet Cleaner for Water Damage Restoration

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we know there’s no convenient time to discover flooding. Offering emergency flood restoration services 24/7, we respond fast to restore safety and hygiene to your space. We specialise in carpet cleaning in Perth, thoroughly cleaning, sanitising and drying your carpets to maintain their quality and to prevent the growth of mould.

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