An essential part to maintaining your home interior design style is regular upkeep of upholstered furniture and fixings. No matter how beautiful your decor, unclean fabric will give off an unappealing atmosphere. For many people the focus is on their sofas, which provide both comfort and sophistication to a space.

Typically home furnishings are made from either leather or cloth fabric, and it would be a grave error to assume both materials can be looked after in the same way. In order to avoid costly mistakes and potentially damage to your furniture, it’s important to seek the help of Perth upholstery cleaning experts

What is the difference between leather and cloth upholstery cleaning?

Utilising the right methods to clean your upholstered furniture is important not just to improve how it looks, but to ensure long-lasting furniture that remains safe and hygienic to use. Because leather and fabric have different compositional properties they require different methods of sofa cleaning; for example, a fabric stain remover can cause discolouration in leather. 

Fabric coverings are a preferred option as they’re easily maintained, and they don’t visibly crack and wear over time making them easier to maintain, unlike leather. When it comes to spot cleans however, cloth is highly absorbent making spills an issue unless cleaned immediately. Leather is more durable, and liquid can easily be wiped off.

Cloth furniture cleaning

With their comfortable, cosy appearance and cool style, cloth upholstered sofas are common here in Western Australia. While perfect for those with pets, thanks to a scratch-resistant texture, cloth fabrics need routine cleaning to prevent stain buildup. The porous material can quickly soak up spills, as well as pet odours and urine, and sweat or grease. 

Scheduling high-quality Perth upholstery cleaning services on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to extend the lifespan of your cloth furniture, with the intensive process capable of removing far more dirt, stains, and smells, than any home cleaning can achieve.

Leather sofa maintenance

Typically connected with luxury interior design, and often found in hotels and bars, leather sofas are an increasingly popular choice in home interior design. While the tough coating means stains and marks are often easily removed, without regular sofa cleaning the material can become faded and worn out.

A professional upholstery cleaning in Perth is the most reliable way to keep your leather furniture in the best condition possible. As well as correctly removing any stains or marks with a specific leather cleaner, professional upholstery cleaners provide the added bonus of finishing creams and protective coating to replenish the leather’s appearance and help prevent new damage.

Premium upholstery cleaning Perth

In order to keep your home in prime condition, it’s important to have your often-used furniture such as sofas and other furnishings cleaned professionally on a regular basis. As well as improve the overall look and feel of your home, it removes potentially harmful dust and dirt, carefully sanitizing them while improving their shelf life.

When it comes to thorough upholstery cleaning with high attention to detail, Perth Carpet Cleaning are market leaders here in WA. Regardless of whether you have a leather or cloth sofa, our skillful team can effectively clean your valuable items in an expedient fashion. For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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