Water may be a valuable natural resource, but it sure can inflict damage on our property during floods. Once a large body of water enters a home or business it’s not so easy to return the space to normal.


The best way to ensure effective flood damage restoration in Perth is through an immediate response, preventing mould and mildew from taking hold before it’s too late. 


Discover important do’s and don’ts of effective flood damage repair, and how the professionals at Perth Carpet Cleaning can save your beautiful carpeted floors.  

How to handle flood damage restoration in Perth

From leaving a tap running and unknown leaks to excessive rainwater and burst drains, there are many potential causes of detrimental water damage in your home or business. Knowing what to do, and what not to do, in the case of harmful flood damage in Perth can be the difference between effective restoration and having to shell out for all-new carpeting. 

What to do

  • The very first step is identifying the water source, and stopping the leakage if at all possible
  • If the source is sewage or toxic waste, contact expert carpet cleaners immediately for the safe removal of damaged carpets and cleaning of the area in question
  • Turn off power and water supplies to prevent a dangerous situation, and disconnect any electrical tools or appliances
  • Call your insurance, and remove any high-value items from the property if safe to do so
  • Acquire expert carpet cleaning services to immediately begin removing water from the area and dry it out, or hire a wet-vac machine for DIY jobs

What not to do

  • Unless the leak is tiny, it’s highly advised to get professional help after a flood to save your property from irreversible damage. Mould and mildew set in fast, leaving you little time to remove water and dry the area in the minimum recommended time of 48 hours
  • Failing to take immediate steps like hiring expert carpet cleaners to restore a flood-damaged area is essentially letting it go, as the smell and mould from water damage cannot be undone

Helpful services for flood damage in Perth

If you are dealing with flood damage to your residential or commercial property, likely multiple problems are stressing you out at once. From stains to bad smells, many problems tend to arise from harmful water damage – especially with household items made from fabric such as rugs and upholstery. 


Versatile services from the professionals at Perth Carpet Cleaning that can help with flood damage repair include:


Fast, professional flood damage carpet restoration

Perth Carpet Cleaning are leading experts at flood damage restoration in Perth, with long-standing experience cleaning and restoring a wide range of carpets from water damage


Treating flood-damaged carpets isn’t easy, but immediate services from highly-trained experts using premium equipment have been shown to create impressive restorative results.


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