While it may seem like the past year has flown, December is almost upon us! Preparing for Christmas is not a task to leave to the last-minute, especially when you have family visiting and plenty of food to make – and heaps of presents to buy! 

If you’re looking to prepare your home for the fun-but messy Christmas invasion, one area you cannot forget to clean is the carpets. As one of the first things visitors notice when they arrive, it’s worth investing in effective carpet cleaning in Perth for a fresh and welcoming home.

Discover key tips for preserving your carpets over the holiday season and how professional carpet maintenance can prevent irreversible staining and damage. 

Key tips for reliable carpet cleaning in Perth

The joy of Christmas can oftentimes be unbalanced by the despair of cleaning up after everyone has left. From squashed mince pies to spilled mulled wine, there are many opportunities for unfortunate accidents and severe staining to affect your carpets.

A few tips to follow when preparing for the holidays include:

  • Buy an effective carpet spot cleaner for urgent spillages
  • Purchase a Christmas tree mat to catch tree sap, water, and needles
  • Don’t place green Christmas tree stands on light carpets, as the colour may run onto the material
  • Place a tray by the door for guests to leave their dirty shoes in
  • Invest in professional carpet maintenance in Perth to restore your carpets before and after the holidays
  • Have the number for expert carpet cleaning services to fix severe stains or urgent damage 

Avoiding tree sap damage

Nothing beats a beautiful natural Christmas tree, but anyone who has had the unfortunate task of cleaning up tree sap may beg to differ! Should tree sap accidentally get into your carpet, use mineral oil or a liquid detergent with no chlorine to loosen the sap from the fabric.

If all else fails, it’s recommended to acquire professional carpet cleaning services for restoration and stain removal as soon as possible to prevent irreversible harm.

Tips For Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance During Holiday Season (Infographic)

Download as PDF – Tips For Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance During Holiday Season (PDF)

an infographic about tips for carpet cleaning and maintenance during holiday season

Download as PDF – Tips For Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance During Holiday Season (PDF)

Access a wide range of carpet cleaning services

One of the main advantages of regular professional carpet cleaning in Perth is the wide range of effective services to choose from. Being able to customise your carpet cleaning needs allows you to maintain your fabric and upholstery home items as needed, accessing the heavy-duty equipment and specialist insight brought by the knowledgeable team at Perth Carpet Cleaning. Services include:

Exceptional results with professional carpet cleaning in Perth

Carpet Cleaning Perth is an established provider of specialist upholstery and carpet cleaning services, providing both residential and commercial properties with effective cleaning and restoration for carpets both on a regular and one-off basis. 

Contact us for a personalised quote for carpet cleaning in Perth, or learn more about efficient services for steam carpet cleaning and stain removal now.