When given the appropriate care, flooring will not only look better, but last a lot longer. Whether you have floorboards, tiles, or carpets, our floors tackle serious daily wear and tear, making professional cleaning a must-have in order to keep homes and businesses safe and hygienic.

While regular vacuuming and mopping is great for general upkeep, the reality is only professional deep cleans are capable of capturing all the minuscule dirt and dust particles that reside in our floors. Expert tile cleaning Perth can stave off damage and renovations, keeping your property in great condition.

When to get your floors cleaned

The regularity of professional floor cleaning requirements depends on the type of flooring, as well as the level of foot traffic. Carpet cleaning for commercial spaces is recommended every 6 months, and the same goes for busy households, with quieter spaces content with yearly deep cleans. 

For expert tile and grout cleaning Perth, a minimum of once a year is recommended. The porous nature of grout requires particular methods to extract stains, especially in the humid WA climate. Getting regular expert grout cleaner Perth is capable of extending the look, and life expectancy, of tiled floors.

Coated hardwood floors can last a lifetime, but expert cleaning is needed every 6 to 12 months to prevent permanent scratches and wear. Laminate floors are also incredibly durable, but given their ability to warp with excessive water it’s essential to get them cleaned regularly through expert techniques.

What are the benefits of regular deep cleans?

As well as improving the overall look and feel of a space, clean flooring is an important part of maintaining your investment. Whether in a business or home, floors are an essential component that will affect its value. Professional floor and tile cleaning Perth protects serious damage from occurring while prolonging its lifespan.

Removing stains, soiled areas, sand, dirt, and dust completely is key to keeping any area safe, preventing slip injuries as well as preventing coarse materials from wearing down the floor’s surface. It also serves to improve surrounding air quality, as dirt particles seep into the air, spreading germs, and may cause colds and viruses.

Professional tile cleaning Perth

Regularly procuring the services of expert floor cleaners is a must for any business owner. When you think about how many shoes trod across those tiles and floorboards, and where those shoes have been, you realise why sanitation is vital for both health and financial reasons.

Removing allergens is important, especially for buildings that house child care centres, hospitals, and even grocery stores. Keeping floors in prime condition also maintains its natural material, avoiding costly damage and expensive renovations. Whether you’re looking to impress potential renters or buyers, your landlord, or daily customers, consistent floor, tile and grout cleaning Perth will help you reap those rewards. 

How Perth Carpet Cleaning can help you

If you’re unsure if the flooring in your home or commercial business needs a professional clean, or you would like a quote on getting expert help, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Perth Carpet Cleaning today. As long-standing leading providers of carpet, wood, and tile cleaning Perth, we’re experts at preserving floors and transforming any property.

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