From burst pipes and leaky taps to storms and crazy wet weather, flooded carpets require fast attention to protect their quality and minimise damage. If you notice that your carpets are flooded, you need to act quickly to avoid mould and the spread of water from carpets to furniture and other areas of your property.

At Perth Carpet Cleaning, we’ve seen flooded carpets of all severities. From simple light flooding to extensive and severely drenched carpets, we provide expert advice and quality services to help you restore and recover your carpets. Here’s the lowdown on caring for, cleaning and managing carpet flood damage in Perth.

To Clean or Replace

Deciding whether to clean or replace your carpets can be a tough and complex decision. You’ve invested hard-earned money into your carpets, so the idea of having to dispose of them can be frustrating. When it comes to deciding on cleaning or replacing, you need to consider the type of water your carpet is soaked in.

Clean water, like water fresh from the tap, is safe and doesn’t pose any threats. Grey water may be contaminated and will require specialised cleaning methods for proper sanitation. Black water, including sewage, may be deemed uncleanable due to high contamination and the serious risk it poses to you and your family. It’s important to remember that every situation is different, so you should always seek professional advice before moving forward.

If you’ve been a victim of carpet flooding, chat with our team. We offer expert advice and in-depth consultations to help you decide on the best course of action for your flooded carpets. With 24-hour responsive services, our professionals act fast to clean, dry, sanitise and restore your carpets back to full quality.

Drying Carpets in Flooded Rooms

Once you’ve noticed flooding on your carpets, contact the professionals at Perth Carpet Cleaning straight away. Your quick action may mean the difference between lightly soaked to severely damaged carpets. In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to minimise damage before our professionals reach you.

Start by turning off the power to avoid appliances and electrical items becoming damaged or unsafe. Then, find the source of the flooding and stop it or remove it if possible. Be sure to move all furniture and belongings off the carpet to minimise damage. If you can, start to fan the area or open windows and doors to allow for ventilation and airflow.

Experts in Flood Restoration Australia

Have you just come home to wet and soggy carpets or has your property been caught up in bad weather? Whatever the cause of flooding, contact the experts at Perth Carpet Cleaning. Available 24/7, our team of carpet cleaning professionals specialises in carpet flood damage in Perth. Attending all properties fast and coming fully prepared with equipment, products and solutions, we help to minimise water damage to your carpets and restore hygiene, safety and functionality.

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